Parties without brain-box, auto ticket suicide

By Soni Ehi Asuelimen
The polity of Nigeria has become a global phenomenon in tragic comedic of wicked rulers and now wicked evil followers who sometimes frighten the righteous by grace from contending with lies in the public space. Most, if any, of the leading global lights in success, have visited and counseled us how to chase out the darkness of wicked rulers and followers with the light of, the wisdom of not repeating the same errors and expecting right, success result, of not showing wisdom and expecting to reap prosperity of fools.
Over three years ago, a group thought to be democrats thirsting for good governance practice but turned out to be renegade selfish politicians, better-called politricians, had exited the octopus People Democratic Party, PDP, to form the new PDP. They thereafter crossed to the All Progressives Congress, APC, destabilized it and thereafter carved out a reformed, deformed or rebel rAPC.
After boxing selves into a corner, the rebels led by Olusola Saraki are plotting a return to the PDP, but Saraki, the rebel leader, unsure of achieving his solo ambition of contesting for a presidential ticket in the PDP is reportedly begging APC to remain. What manner of unprincipled human beings, calling themselves leaders, do we have, possessing the nomadic wandering spirit of Sokugo or political herdsmen always in search of green pasture to feed inordinate ego cow, and still having dumb followers, which is why good governance remains elusive in Nigeria?
Let’s examine why APC failed to tackle its unprepared promises which turned out to be propaganda of an unprepared party, greedily hustling to grab, or capture power. Only dummy Nigerians, sadly largely many, who saw another mob chorus of new change would be fooled again.
With scatter brain alliances and so-called mergers, I hope Nigerians are aware that these political renegades have not articulated any economic, job-creation policies that will curb crime rate, engage idle artisans to feed the family and kill criminality in society.
Niger State Governor Abubakar Bello said recently he won 2015 election without promising anything, no manifesto and mumu followers voted empty mind to power. How do you challenge such unprincipled governor for failed governance, on what parameters?
Even PMB and APC party that made promises and failed in all still plot a return and dumb electorate still root for Sai Baba. By returning failed rulers to rule, why do we still turn round to complain over our choice of death instead of life and bother the Almighty on our foolish choice?
The APC has not told us how they would redress the error of scoring F9 parallel in three years and they still want to return. Worse still, is APC is copying the error of PDP suicide of automatic ticket for failed former President Goodluck Jonathan in 2015.
Contrary to his earlier promise more than one year ago that there would not be an automatic ticket for any position, Ahmed Tinubu has made a u-turn to endorse auto ticket for PMB, a similar move that disintegrated the PDP and now the APC.
Any kangaroo move to return governors, lawmakers and PMB unopposed signals the end of APC. We cannot continue to repeat the same failure errors and yet expect success result. Many prefer APC but its suicide of returning failed people to contest 2019 election would stretch its foolishness for only fools to buy. If PMB is sure of his so-called credibility and performance he should not be scared of open contest within the APC to get the shirt to run again.
For now, many minds are open to accept a candidate that emerges from any major contending parties if there is open fair contestation for the flag bearer to emerge, not behind the door consensus. After all, the failure of APC has demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt that parties and politicians are prima facie unreliable until they prove otherwise, just two sides of a coin.
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