2019 polls: Go, register to vote, Delta Online Publishers tell Nigerians, advises NASS, FG to call followers to order

ASABA/Nigeria: Nigerians have been called to take advantage of the remaining days for the registration of eligible voters in the country to ensure that they register, and those who have registered should not fail to seek for their Permanent Voters Card, PVC, to enable them exercise their voting rights whenever elections are conducted, especially as the country approaches the 2019 general elections.
A statement by the Delta Online Publishers Forum, DOPF, on Sunday, August 26, 2018, stated that eligible voters cannot stand and watch, without taking part in the political developments in the country.
The statement, which was signed by the chairman, and secretary of the forum, Mr. Emmanuel Enebeli, and Mr. Shedrack Onitsha, stated that despite the many political crises in the country, involving the various legislative chambers, and governments at various levels, Nigerians need not lose hope, but take part in correcting whatever anomaly that may be playing out in the polity.
“You as an eligible voter don’t have to say you don’t want to vote or register to vote. There may be some bad happenings in our various legislative chambers, and between the chambers and executives, but you can be involved in solving the problem by being electorally active.
“You have to go register, and then collect your voters’ card. The power to correct the wrongs in the country is in your hands,” DOPF stated.
The statement further called on the National Assembly members not to allow their personal interests to affect the governance of the country, and advised the hallowed chambers and the Federal Government to seek ways to end the debacle on the INEC budget for the 2019 National Elections.
DOPF advised the various actors at both ends to mind their utterances, as their egocentric postures will not do the country any good.
“The egocentric postures of some of the actors in our polity, is not for the good of the country. Both the national leadership and the president of the Federal Republic should call their various lieutenants to order. Nigeria is for all, and not for those who are sent to represent us, or elected or appointed to carry out our interests. The leadership of the national assembly, and President Muhammadu Buhari should call their followers to order.
“Nigeria is for us all, and not for some people. We have to move on positively,” the online publishers stated.

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