Oyedepo to politicians: Get out of the place if you can’t stand for God

By Chukwudi Abiandu
Politicians who do not know God and those who claim to know Him but cannot stand for Him when it matters most have been told to quit politics and get out of the office of governance.
President of the Living Faith Church, worldwide, aka Winners’ Chapel International Dr. David Oyedepo gave the charge in the night of Thursday, December 6, 2018, the third Encounter Night of the on-going Shiloh,a yearly event and the place of the gathering of Winners across the globe.
Speaking on the topic: “Unveiling the Deominion Power of Faith,” during which he also gave insight about the person and place of the office of the prophet, he said that are servants of God and carriers of dominion unction, and they rattle institutions that are not of God. “Prophets of God are anointed agents of heavenly dominion; they are unstoppable agents of heaven. they are from God,” he said.
And quite displeased with the goings on in Nigeria, Bishop oyedepo, speaking under the prophetic unction decried the unbecoming attitude of politicians who pretend to know God but are to unconcerned to stand and be counted on the side of God when occasion demands that they do so.
To these politicians in government, he said they should go. He said: “If you can’t stand for God, get out of the place. They are killing your people and you are there doing nothing.
“With all the security aparatus in Nigeria, you mean they cannot find who killed a chief. God will judge them; my God will judge them,”
Reiterating the terms of his calling, he said God called him to liberate this country through the preaching the word of faith, Bishop Oyedepo said sarcastically: “We only see budgets, we don’t see projects. They said Nigeria will have power in three years, have you seen the power?
“People must be liberated,” he declared, adding that God sent him and delivered to him the liberation mandate, and gave him the grace to preach the word of faith. “And that is what I am doing.”

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