Slow start of the voting process, impressive voter turnout at Aniocha North Local Government Area

The electoral process for the National Assembly elections at the Aniocha North Local Government Area in locations so far visited by at Issele-Uku, Issele-Mkpitime and Onicha-Olona, showed a late, slow but progressive start with an impressive turn out of voters.
The slow start of the voting process was the doing of the electoral officers. At Adams Primary School, Issele-Uku, a venue for the sorting of voting materials, sorting work was extremely slow such that at 8:15 am, the Polling Officers (Pos) and their crew began to move materials into the vehicles, en route their voting centres.
At Burr Primary school, Issele-Uku voting centre, the materials arrived but as at 858a.m., the polling officials were still trying to get their acts together. The voters kept waiting and complaining of late commencement of voting. Security officials were quite civil as they intervened, telling the people to show understanding and be patient.
At Enuofu Primary School, Issele-Mkpitime, as at 9:14 a.m., there was no presence of polling officials, voters in their impressive turn out just milled around. Voting had not commenced even at 10:15 a.m. when returned to find out the situation of things.
At Onicha-Olona, as at 9:35 a.m. there could be seen a large and impressive turn out of voter, the aged, the youth and the not too old on the queue. The two notable political kingpins of the sleepy town, Rt. Hon. Victor Ochei, former speaker of the Delta State House of Assembly, and the Commissioner for Arts, Culture and Tourism, Hon. Emma Chinye were already at the Ugba Primary School, Onicha-Olona voting centre, helping to organize the voters and party agents to be orderly. Ochei arrived at exactly 9:40 a.m., while Emma Chinye did his accreditation and voted at exactly 10.04 am.

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