How David Edevbie delivered PDP in Ughelli

Olorogun David Edevbie, Commissioner for Finance, Delta State.

By Jon Egie

The PDP in Ughelli North LGA performed brilliantly well in the March 9, Governorship and House of Assembly elections in Delta State beating the APC hands down in Ward 3/7

An analysis of the performance of the party in the ward indicates that the PDP trounced the APC despite the fact that Ughelli North LGA is the traditional home of the opposition in Delta state, and a place that the PDP has not won since the advent of the present day democratic dispensation from 1999 till date.

The PDP performance in Ward 3/7 in the March 9, election is considered even more remarkable because it is the only ward in Ughelli North LGA, where it won convincingly as the APC broom swept the other nine wards in the local government area, except in Uwheru Ward 09, in which PDP secured 54 per cent of the votes cast, and compared to APC’s 46 per cent in the Governorship election and 52 to 48 per cent of votes cast for the House of Assembly seat.

Ward 3/7 falls within the delineation of Ughelli constituency 2, which comprises Ughelli Ward 1-5, 2-6 and 3-7 spread among Ughelli township, Agbarho, Uwheru and Afiesere axis. Besides Ward 3/7, PDP lost both Governorship and House of Assembly elections in the other wards.

Specifically, Ughelli Ward 3/7 has 17 Polling Units (PU) spread over Ogbovwan, Afiesere, Ohwaro, Ododegho, Ujode and Eruemukowharien communities.

Despite the cancellation of votes in four PDP stronghold polling units, for the House of Assembly (Ughelli Constituency 2) election, in Ward 3/7, the PDP polled a total of 2,159 votes (61.8 per cent) while the APC polled a total of 1,337 votes (38.2 per cent). And for the
governorship election, the PDP polled 2,245 votes (62.1 per cent) and APC polled 1,373 votes (37.9).

It was learnt that the brilliant performance of the PDP in Ughelli Ward 3/7 was due to the influence of the Commissioner for Finance, Olorogun David Edevbie, a native of Afiesere whose positive impact on indigenes of the communities in the ward dwarfed those of the overbearing influence of the multitude of the APC members and leaders in the area.

Like they say in common parlance, all politics is local and from the performance of the PDP in Ward 3/7 in the March 9 Governorship and House of Assembly elections, Olorogun David Edevbie has proven once again that he is very much in touch with the grassroots in his locality.

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