Service delivery: Ogidi-Gbegbaje calls for adequate sensitization of civil servants on digitization of management process

Mr. Ogidi-Gbegbaje.

The importance of sensitizing civil servants adequately on the upgrade and efficient use of the Information and management systems – the System Application Products (SAP) – project for effective service delivery has been defined.

The Permanent Secretary in the Directorate of Government House and Protocol, Mr. Eddy Ogidi-Gbegbaje called attention to this on Thursday, April 11, 2019 when the Organization Change Management (OCM) team of the Delta State Integrated Financial Management Information System(SIFMIS) led by Mrs. Ruth Orioko paid him a courtesy call and held a one-day sensitization meeting with staff of the Directorate in Asaba.

The Permanent Secretary observed that upgraded SAP project was the best way to successful run the day to day activities of government as well as the management of human resources, charging civil servants to embrace it for effective service delivery.

He said: “The constant thing in life is change and this management process is a welcome development; just as we changed from using typewriters to computers, the days of running government business and human resources using analog methods is coming to end and it is important that as civil servants we evolve with the times.

“It is natural that when something new and unknown is being introduced to an organization the operators will be resistant so this sensitization exercise by the OCM team is very timely and apt, and I hope that having sensitized staff of various MDAs, offices they will be able to see the importance of SIFMIS and they will be able to work effectively and efficiently,” Mr. Ogidi-Gbegbaje added.

While urging that the SIFMIS process should be inculcated into the training programme of government for civil servants, he said that the upgraded and an efficient SAP project would improve government’s human resources and financial management in line with global practices.

Earlier, the Team Leader, Mrs. Ruth Orioko who spoke on behalf of the team and delivered the sensitization lecture stated that the team was in the Directorate to kick start the sensitization of staff of Ministries, Departments and Agencies [MDAs] on the importance and use of the  upgraded and optimised Systems, Applications and Products (SAP) project for the effective and efficient running of the day-to-day business process and official duties.

She explained that this was to ensure the seamless adoption of the upgraded SAP by all stakeholders resulting in its optimal use in a progressive and sustainable way for the effective and efficient running of government’s business.



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