Okowa Victory Concert: The success story, by Edirin Obada aka 2Things

Mr. Edirin Obada aka 2Things.

Versatile show promoter and Events Entrepreneur, Edirin Obada aka 2Things, who was the moving spirit behind the Okowa Victory Concert held recently with a classic finish that held observers spellbound had audience with Banneronlinenews celebrity, show biz/Events Reporter, IKECHUKWU CHUKWUDI. Find below details of the interview.

Q : The Okowa Victory Concert was adjudged by many as a success, please tell us the magic that made it so?

First I want to thank God Almighty for making the Okowa Victory Concert a successful one. God used so many people to ensure the success of the concert, I’d like to say a big thank you to the Director of Protocol; Mr Ifeanyi Eboigbe, he was very supportive and did a lot to ensure that the Governor was present at the event.

Also our host Mrs Rita Daniels who supported us financially, the Secretary to the State Government; Hon Ovie Agas also did his best to see that the rewards came to those who deserved it, also not forgetting the artistes, entertainers, my bosses, seniors and colleagues in the industry who were very supportive. They didn’t bill me a dime, the only affair was to take care of their logistics, flight and accommodation expenses. They all came to support the cause, and as a result of the cooperation of all those involved it was a bit easy to put the event together.

Not forgetting Mr Hilary Ibegbulem, Rt.Hon Friday Osanebi; Deputy Speaker DTHA, Ambassador Karo, Kome Support Group etc, they supported and ensured it was a success. 

How Did You Come About The Idea?

When the Governor won his first tenure election in 2015, he went through rigorous court cases. From the Tribunal to the Appeal Court and finally Supreme Court, he won all the cases. It was then that we decided to celebrate his victories. I initiated the event, and back then there were no funds to run it, so I spoke with one of my bosses who was the then Executive Assistant to the Governor on Events Management, Mr Sebastian Okoh, who bought into the idea and helped with the take-off funds to facilitate the event. I also sourced funds, called on my friends from the entertainment industry and we all came together to celebrate the victory. That was how Okowa Victory Concert was birthed.

Of course, when the Governor got re-elected in March, I reasoned that it would be proper for us to celebrate him because a victory for Okowa is a Victory for all Deltans. Look at the roads the Governor has constructed, it is not only PDP members who drive on the road. Everybody irrespective of party affiliation enjoys the roads and this is one of the reasons I was convinced that a victory for Okowa is a victory for progress, a victory for prosperity and all Deltans.

 Did you achieve your aim and can we be sure of the impact of the Concert?

One of the major aims for celebrating the Governor is to help him understand that the entertainers from the A-LIST down to upcoming, are ready to partner with his government, administration and support him in the next four years and to ensure that his vision for the entertainment industry in Delta is actualized.

Another aim was to make people understand that Asaba is to a very large extent safe and there exists relative peace in the state. The Governor has brought peace to Delta State and from the huge attendance we could observe that nightlife is advancing in the state capital.

Edirin Obada, aka 2Things, Entertainment Entrepreneur.

 Who Is Edirin Obada aka 2THINGS?

Edirin Obada is a quiet guy from Agbaroh. I grew up in Ughelli, I’m an Urhobo man, married with two children. I started out as a comedian, but I knew that God had put in me the talent to put things together by way of organizing events. So quietly, I’ve been doing this over the years with not much people knowing who’s behind the scene.

My friends call me the darkest comedian in the industry because of my complexion, but I’d rather see myself as 2Things the Entertainment Entrepreneur. I’m not just a comedian, I’m someone who very much in entertainment entrepreneurship. I believe that these are the people who make the Industry viable.

 Do you think that Events Management has a future in Delta State?

Yes I do. When I started managing events many years ago, my friends who were in the comedy sector were asking me why I ventured into comedy and not events management. I always told them that I believed in the future of events management in Delta State. Without events managers and entertainment entrepreneurs, the entertainment industry can’t grow optimally.

So many have asked the question, like how would the industry grow when there are no events in Asaba? Events are not regular in Asaba, how would it survive?

I always responded that with time it was going to get better and today, from little shows to bigger shows and so many shows, we are here.

One of the factors that made the Okowa Victory Concert a success was that over the years I had worked for a lot of big names and personalities in the industry. I have managed a lot of A-CLASS Events in the industry, but most people do not know that 2Things was one of the major events planner/show promoter behind the successes of those shows. My friends and colleagues are aware of my involvement in these events, but the public didn’t really know that this is 2things capability. It was after the Okowa Victory concert that most people realized and understood what 2Things had to offer.

Many also realized that the kind of events managers that we go to Lagos to seek are very close to us here in Delta State, if we look around. I’m not the only one who can do things like this; there are others who are also capable in Asaba and Delta State at large. If we can get them together, we can make the industry in Delta a viable one.

Q : How can the government do more?

When we met the Governor we discussed at length, and I must admit that Okowa is a listening leader. So we brainstormed on ideas and one of the things I suggested was for us to find a way to tackle one major problem entertainers face, the problem of financing.

Basically around the world, government can’t finance entertainment alone, the best that it can do is to provide an enabling environment where the private sector can have a foundation to further drive it.

For us here, it is difficult to get the attention of private investors without government giving us a backing. So I suggested that the Governor should consider setting up the Delta Entertainment Trust Fund that would be backed by Law, and from there we can empower entertainment entrepreneurs and their relative vocations.

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