Give us a place to sell, displaced traders tell DTSG

Mrs. Onyemaechi Mrakpor, Director General DSCTDA.

By Nkechi Odumosor
Delta State Government has been called upon to make provision for traders displaced by the operations of Delta State Capital Territory Development Agency (DSCTDA).

The call came from food vendors, street traders, among others in Asaba, the Delta State Capital.

DSCTDA headed by Hon Mrs Joan Onyemaechi Mrakpor in recent operations sent traders who hawk and sell wares along Asaba City road and traffic jams packing.

The people while responding to interviews complained that the displacements have affected their income because of the situation in country that has reduced people to hawk and sell along the roads to earn a living. They asked for proper provision should be made for these people because people survive daily by coming out to sell on daily basis, and that stopping them totally without alternative arrangement for them is not proper.

They also complained that the experience is a big challenge to them because it is their major source of income as they hawk to support their families and stopping them may likely push majority of these people into crime and other illegal acts, if proper provision is not made.

Although they acknowledged that what the DSCTDA is doing is good because it makes Asaba in particular to look attractive but that consideration should be made for them as they need to continue to make a living.

Mrs Isioma Okobi who sells fruits said that it was not good to displace them without giving them alternative place because they earn a living and feed from hawking, arguing that now that they have been stopped, it will bring increase in crime rate in the state. She pointed out that it is affecting her daily sales as where she is now selling her fruits is not prominent for people to see.

Mrs. Mercy who sells cooked beans on the streets somewhere off Okpanam Road said it was affecting business because she got more patronage while selling along the road, noting that it is the only means she use to feed her family, and most times she does not finish what she prepares in a day.

Those who have been given a place like Mr Stanley driver acknowledged that what Mrs. Mrakpor is doing is good because it makes Asaba in particular to look good and neat, and that Mrs Mrakpor gave them a place to operate from thereby making it easy for someone who wants to buy things to see what he or she wants. And for those who do not have a place to sell, Government should make provision for them so they can have a place close to them to sell their wares, he said.

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