Incessant harassment, killings by Fulani herdsmen in Delta State – Open letter to Governor Okowa




By Okwumabua Francis

Your Excellency, The Governor sir,

I am compelled to write this open letter to the executive Governor of Delta State, Senator  Ifeanyi Okowa, on the yet to be controlled harassment and killings by the armed Fulani herdsmen across the state.
People die on daily basis with the security operatives not having solutions to this problem. The death rate has become astronomically high as these herdsmen have gone wanton in their killings and have taken over every bush available in Delta State armed with AK47 and other sophisticated weapons.
The killing spree has spread to areas like Ossissa, Iselegu, Onicha- Ukwuani, Aboh, Ogume, Sapele, Amukpe, Abraka in recent times among others.
One is  even forced to say that the Governor is trivializing this very technical and delicate matter that is claiming lives on daily basis. your country home, Owa-Alero before you deem it necessary to say or do something when the move is a ploy to conquer the region?
Governor Fayese of Ekiti State took his stand and heavens never fell. Other state governments across Nigeria have made their intentions known but it appears Governor Okowa is playing politics with the life of the citizens.

The Mal-adventure of the nomadic armed Fulani herdsmen no doubt had wrecked havoc and untold hardship on the livelihood of the citizens of Delta State according to Prof M.A, Anyiwe of APEDETT. And its over seven weeks after the public hearing conducted by the DTHA on a Bill to control their activities, what then is the problem? Why the delay in taking a stand like the Ekiti Government?

Deltans are going down by the day and all we do is come on air to display our grammatical prowess and call the attacks “conspiracy of silence” by the Buhari government without doing anything positive.
This has got to stop! Things must change for the good of all. Criminal-minded armed herdsmen should be arrested and prosecuted accordingly.
We do not want to take laws into our hands that is why we keep calling on appropriate authorities and not engage in jungle justice. I must commend his efforts in other sectors of the economy but he must do something about this now and have the backing of heaven on this issue.

  • Editor’s note: Just to call the attention of our contributor and readers to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa’s stories on this vexed issue of the menace of Fulani herdsmen. See our stories of April 29, 2017, April 30, 2017, and the Commissioner for Information’s story of May 1st, 2017 on it.


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