Ezeagwu, Labour Party chairman, scores Okowa high, pleads for help for LG workers


Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State scored a bull’s eye this morning Monday, 26/6/2017, when the Labour party in Delta State declared in its assessment of the two year administration of the governor that he has done well so far.

Labour Party Chairman in Delta state, Chief Tony Ezeagwu told banneronlinenews.com in his party’s secretariat office this morning that although Labour party has been a serious critic of the government of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) but that this time around the party is not talking much, “not because we are giving Okowa 100 percent, but because of his approach to the handling of the roads constructed.”
Comparing road construction under Okowa administration and the previous administrations, Ezeagwu criticized the previous PDP administrations for the shoddy manner they handled road constructions in the state.
He explained: “Go to Ezenei, you will see that Ezenei represents a waste of Delta State money. The people living in Ezenei are living in a gully because the road is higher than the level of the lands carrying the houses. And with the channeling of the water into the residential areas the entire Ezenei residents are in danger of their homes being flooded. This is because of the poor work of the past administration.
“I think on this score, Okowa’s government so far is the best. Look at Governor’s street, and Usonia street, you will see that the roads were filled up before putting drainages so it will take care of the floods and protect the residents the danger of floods in their environment,” Ezeagwu said, adding:
“ Also, we know that revenue allocation has grossly fallen down (reduced). If the past government which had enough money had done what should have been done properly, what Okowa’s administration would be doing now would have been not the main construction by rehabilitation. We think Okowa in two years has not done badly.
“ I only want to appeal that the government should do something about DLA and Bonsak roads in Asaba.
“I also appeal strongly to Governor Okowa to do something by helping the local government workers get their salaries. I am not in the system, so I don’t know why he is insisting that paying the local government workers is not his responsibility. But he should try and assist the local government workers so that he can help to pay their salaries, so that people can be happy.
“This local government workers are also voters and Deltans, and they deserve to be given attention. He should try to find out how to help them out of their present predicament. If it is giving them bail out like the Federal Government gave to the states, he should help to bail them out,” the Labour Party chairman counseled.

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