Save Nigerians from hunger, abject poverty, deprivation, Fr. Aduba tells political rulers


The harsh effect of the economic down turn in the country that has left the masses of Nigeria in dire economic and pitiable state was the focus of attention today, Sunday, July 16, 2017 at the60th birthday thanksgiving service of Senator Peter Nwaoboshi at Ibusa where the Very Reverend Father John Aduba told political leaders in the country to live up to expectation by steering the nation out of the current experience of hunger, abject poverty, and deprivation.
Delivering the homily at the St. Augustine Catholic Church, Ibusa, Delta state before members of the national and state legislators, governors, ministers and former governors to mark the event, Fr. Aduba , a diocesan chancellor and representing the Bishop, he took time to give the import of the parable of the sewer taken from Matthew 13:1-23 saying that God in the message was urging that the people should respond to His word by receiving it, treasuring it and acting on it.
He said celebrating 60 years of Senator Nwaoboshi life is a day that calls to mind the need for all to look inwards. “That as elected officers into positions of authority, we have been elected to serve, selflessly. It’s not a position of self-aggrandizement, and a position of commitment to selfless service in humility.
“It is to be committed to the cause of the voiceless people of Delta state and Nigeria who voted you into power. What do we find in Nigeria today? Hunger, abject poverty, families in disarray; there is a lot of suffering and smiling; people are deprived of the basic necessities of life. No water, no electricity,” Rev.Fr. Aduba declared to the applause of the teeming congregation and worshipers.
He called on those entrusted with ruler ship in the country to show enough concern the country and Delta state, pointing out that once upon a time, that Nigerians enjoyed these facilities that have now become a mirage. Very Rev. Fr. Aduba urged political office holders to be the voice of the voiceless, observing, “there is a lot of sufferings and smiling, people are being denied the basic things of life, no road, no water, no electricity; you might be comfortable but, those who elected you to serve, how do they feel?”
Former Governor of Delta State, Chief James Onanefe Ibori, whose introduction received huge applause from the worshippers, while congratulating Senator Peter Nwaoboshi who he said he knew as a person,, as a man and as a politician commended the clergy for speaking to power.
Ibori said: “The duty of the clergy and the people is to tell truth to power. We have listened to you and we have received what you say as an encouragement. Politicians, do your best for your people.”
He commended Senator Nwaoboshi for championing the cause of Anioma, his people.
Governor Okowa who also congratulated Nwaoboshi on his attainment of 60 years, said “Our leader Chief James Onanefe Ibori has already spoken in response to the clergy, I can now go on to congratulate Peter.
“The people of Delta North really voted for him to go to the senate, and we are proud of him. In the senate, he knew the place to be, and he went to where he should be. Peter belongs to the inner family in the Senate, and we are proud of him.”
Governor Okowa also urged the church of Christ to continue to pray for the country and her well-being, pointing out that politicians work under very harsh conditions. “Nigeria is passing through very challenging times. The politicians should be judged under the circumstances in which they are working,” he pleaded.
The Senate President, Senator Abubakar Bukola Saraki, who led a congregation of no fewer than 40 senators to the event in Ibusa also thanked God for causing Peter Nwaoboshi to attain 6 years. He asked for the blessings and prayers of the church towards overcoming the enormous challenges currently facing the nation. “The nation needs peace for progress,” he said.
Senator Saraki also commended senators from Delta state, pointing out that the exploits of Delta senators in the red chamber indicates that Delta is a factor to reckon with in the Senate.
Senator Nwaoboshi expressed gratitude to God Almighty for making him to see the day and to celebrate 60 birthday anniversary, explaining that he has cause to thank God ad celebrate judging from what he went through in life.
He observed that he had more senators of the All Progressive Congress (APC) honouring his invitation. “It is the handiwork of the Senate president, whose leadership style made every senator to operate more as Nigerians without considering our political differences,” Nwaoboshi declared.

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