Furore of sale of Delta Line: Rescind decision to sell State’s shares, Bishop Ebolum tells Okowa


The Bishop of Dominion Christian Centre, Asaba , Dr. Kenneth Ebolum, has joined the growing number of Deltans lamenting over the sale of 70 percent equity of the state’s transport company, Delta Line to the proprietor of God is Good Motors.
In an open letter addressed to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, and made available to banneronlinenews.com, the clergy man in the letter titled: ‘AN OPEN APPEAL TO THE EXECUTIVE GOVERNOR OF DELTA STATE.

“Your excellency,
Sen. Dr Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa,
Executive Governor,
Delta State.

I write with respect to the above topic.
It’s in the public domain of your administration’s decision to sell off the states shares in Delta line Transport Company.
As a Deltan, a religious leader and senior citizen, I am not in support of this decision and I will tell you why:

1. Delta line is the only government owned and branded company and so occupies a unique position. It’s a flagship. Anywhere it plies in this country, it advertises the state.

2. It was once viable so it can still be viable if the true root causes are addressed.
Your excellency, GOOD LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT are key pillars to the sustainability of any venture.
Let truth be told. Delta line lacks both. Well meaning Deltans, my humble self inclusive have used the transport since it’s foundation and have witnessed the steady decline and decay that set in due to the absence of GOOD LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT, or rather the introduction of the opposite.
Who and who have run the enterprise in the past 10 years?
What’s their CV?
What have they done in times past to be entrusted with the administration of such a huge enterprise?
Are there checks and balances? Has anyone been brought to book for mismanaging the set up? Or A fails and B is brought in to continue?

3. Your Excellency, a lot of Deltans (of course, with their families) , earn a living working with the Company, and a new management may lay off quite a few and further increase the unemployment ratio with it’s attendant consequences!
If 160 buses, 76 cars and other incentives were injected into the system, then the primary reason for it’s failure is not capital, but MANAGEMENT!

Please sir, rethink this decision. Let it not be said that the “sick horse” was euthanized during your administration, because the horse is not really sick, but under a spell – the spell of bad management!

Yours sincerely in agreement for PROSPERITY FOR ALL DELTANS.
Bishop Dr Kenneth Ebolum. DM; DLitt. JP.”

Also in an online publication in, an obviously aghast Mr. Miracle Enuji wrote:
“With overwhelming evidences gathered by Investigative Tabloid, HardReporters, it has been revealed that the State Governor, Ifeanyi Okowa has thrown caution to the wind and sold a whooping 70% stake of Delta State Asset (Delta Transport Services Limited) popularly known as Delta Line to his cronies and 2015 election campaign benefactor, God is Good Motors (GIG Transport Development Company Limited).
The biblical 10% of your increase to God was not even considered in this sacrilege. The gift of Delta Line, the State only transport property to God is Good Motors for N161 million over NLC’s N2 billion bid, is likened to the desperate act of the prodigal son as accounted in Luke 15:11–32 of the Holy scriptures. An action that does no good.
With the nod of Delta State financial buccaneers, the Edo state headquartered transport company is set to illegally inherit the birthright of Deltans. All thanks to the hand of Esau in the far cry bidding and sales process of our dear asset.
Previous governments who were cash crunched and idea starved could not tamper with the landmark asset of Deltans but the current government led by a primus public office holder has in less than 3 years sold the largest chunk of the state’s equity to a front without due recourse to the pains and sufferings of Deltans.
Still mourning the embargo placed on Civil Service employment in the oil rich state with the massive stench of decayed infrastructures and execution of fraud filled projects across the state, the shock of this betrayal to the peace loving people of Delta State, in a large scale has triggered the exit button of the current PDP led government on or before May 2019.
This public display of sharp practices by the present crop of PDP officials, has once more clearly shown that the lowest yearnings of Deltans are not currently on the To Do list of the present administration of Okowa. Thus, reaffirming the trending notion of corruption being an appendage of the Peoples Democratic Party in Nigeria.
If a State Governor can engage in this low level bargain of throwing out a near close Paris refund sum of N2 billion for N161 million for an enviable Asset (Delta Line) spread across the length and breadth of the country, I make bold to say that the interest and welfare of over 4 million Deltans can be sold for a pot of porridge.
Suffice one to say that the present House of Assembly which is an annex of the Governor, will definitely turn a deaf ear to this sacrilege as any attempt to debate on this sad event will spell doom for the initiator of such discussion. Indeed, the rope bound to the neck of a goat, does not allow it know its true owner.
To the beneficiaries of this windfall, bottles of champagne worth over N200 million would had been popped and unprintable words would have been pelted on our dear state in your cocoon but we will never forget.
Deltans have been raped and abused once more by Men wielding sledge political might. The commonwealth of Delta State has been exchanged by Governor Okowa to his cronies for peanuts.
Deltans will never forget!”

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