Emerhor accused of cornering NDDC contracts, as criticism, disgust trail his alleged plot to suspend Enuha


A ground swell of criticism and disgust has risen in the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Delta state against the party’s 2015 governorship candidate, Olorogun O’tega Emerhor who is accused of cornering about 65 Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) projects to himself, and cronies as well as trying to instigate the illegal suspension of those who dared to raise eye brows and protest against his alleged greed.
The aversion, sources told banneronlinenews.com, when a stakeholders’ meeting was called on Monday, September 11, 2017 where the issue of NDDC projects given to the party in Delta state was discussed.
It was learnt that the meeting was necessary to enable party stakeholders know how all the NDDC projects were handled. It was alleged that Senator Peter Nwaoboshi, Rt. Hon. Nicholas Mutu of the House of Representatives representing Patani-Bomadi Constituency both of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Olorogun Emerhor O’tega took over the projects meant for all, while other APC leaders were not carried along, and so, got nothing.
Sources revealed that on getting to know of the Monday, September 11, 2017 meeting, that the Emerhor camp became jittery, and through the Deputy State Chairman of APC, Mr. Cyril Ogogo hatched a plot to illegally suspend a chieftain of the party, Chief Hyacinth Enuha and the Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Social Media, Lauretta Onochie.
“But the plot failed after members of the state working committee refused to be used for the illegal suspension conspiracy. The sum of N150,000 each was offered to bribe the state working committee members which they declined to take,” the source alleged.
Other sources told banneronlinenesw.com that the plot is not unconnected with Olorogun Emerhors plot to again hijack the APC structures in Delta state for the upcoming 2018 state party congress. “The scheme is to put Chief Enuha out of the way, knowing that with him the hijack plan would never succeed,” the source hinted.
Meanwhile, APC chieftain in Aniocha North, who is also the pioneer chairman of the party in the local government area, Dr. Andrew Odozi decried the scheme to illegally suspend Chief Enuha, saying that there is no justification for it, especially when the party in the state has just resolved major schisms following a court judgment.
Arguing that it is just too early to begin to cause another crisis in the party in the state, Dr. Odozi said: “All the events that has happened points to the fact that O’tega was never with APC. He is a PDP mole in APC. The scheme to suspend Chief Enuha is a shortsighted move. There are no indices to justify it, rather we should question the commitment of some people to fairness in the party.”
He criticized Olorogun O’tega Emerhor for hijacking the 65 NDDC projects earmarked for the APC in the state. “That is true; there is nothing hidden about it. As an APC leader, there are other party leaders that should be carried along. It’s as if the party has no laid down criteria. It’s either that you are in O’tega’s good books or you will not be regarded,” Odozi said.
He also condemned O’tega’s penchant for claims that he is the leader by reason that he contested election on the party’s ticket, arguing that contesting an election is just a minute index of your contribution to the party, and should not be a criterion for arrogating leadership to himself and cornering 65 contract projects meant for the party to himself and cronies. “Those given forms for the contracts are people who just posed as APC leaders, while indeed they are not,” Dr. Odozi said.
In answer to a question he said: “My advice is that our leaders should be sincere to themselves. The idea that I am a leader of the party, I am the gubernatorial candidate of the party should not be a criterion to arrogate unnecessary power to oneself and ignore other leaders and not carry them along.
“You cannot corner contracts that belong to the party and pass them on to only your cronies. The idea of cornering contracts to yourself without giving to other to partake of is not right.”
He criticized a situation where one Ajogbe, a man that belongs to PDP, and does not have a legitimate APC card; a man that contested PDP primaries and lost is now O’tega’s link man for NDDC contracts that are meant for the party. “People who have worked for the party should be encouraged by being carried along,” Dr. Odozi said, pointing out that one can win or lose an election, and that it should not mean that other leaders should be kept in disdain.
“Politics is not managed like a one man business empire. It should not be seen that I am a failed candidate or failed House of assembly aspirant. After all, how do you expect to win when out of 25 local governments, you visited and campaigned in only 12, while your opponent visited and campaigned in all the 25 local governments and also did house –to – house campaigns,” Dr. Odozi stated

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