YDP decries Okowa’s bad governance skills, as decampees pass vote of no confidence on governor


Delta state chapter of the Young Democratic Party (YDP) has criticised Governor Ifeanyi Okowa for painting the people of Anioma in bad light with the display of bad governance skills.
The state chairman of the party, Barrister Festus Ofume handed down the criticism recently when he received about 150 persons in Ika North East Local government to the party. The event which took place on Saturday, September 24, 2017 at Ekwuoma, saw a throng of decampees mainly the youth who are disillusioned because of what they called the insensitivity of the Okowa administration to their plight.
The youths, who are mainly from Ekwuoma, Owerre-olubor, Akumazi, Umunede and environs lamented that for them, the Okowa administration’s prosperity for all Deltans has remained a mirage nothing has been brought to them.
Mr. Joseph Obiahuni, speaking to newsmen moved a vote of no confidence on governor Okowa’s administration, saying: “No road, in our areas. Is it in the area of employment? No amenities and government presence in Ekwuoma.”
Speaking earlier, Barrister Ofume who said that YDP is different from the PDP and All Progressives party (APC) because those are old whose existence has not benefitted the people despite the support given to those parties. “Look at the roads in Ika North East, the local government from which the governor came, all in bad state; no empowerment for the people, no employment for the youth. This is why we have come to introduce YDP to you and to urge you to support the party,” Ofume said.
“This is not a party for party leaders who believe that democracy dividends are meant for only themselves, their children, their wives and their relations. This anomaly is what we considered and we in YDP said ‘No,” Ofume said.
He continued: “The Urhobos and other ethnic groups in Delta State are laughing derisively at the people of Anioma because they using Okowa’s style of governance now believe that the people of Anioma are like Okowa, and that they don’t understand governance, and that our meaning of governance is ‘Egho aria (no money).
“We of YDP are saying no, and that there is money. Egho aria is a wrong slogan; it is a lie. That is why we have come to Ekwuoma with , we the YDP executives. In YDP, both men and women have equal rights, and unlike PDP and APC that give 15 percent appointments to women. Are they saying that women can’t handle appointments and govern?”
Answering Reporters’ questions later, Barrister Ofume said it is wrong for the other ethnic groups in delta to use the administration of Okowa as a yardstick to evaluate every other Anioma person on governance skills. “It is wrong to use the administration of Okowa to evaluate other Anioma persons. The ego aria mantra of the Okowa administration Is a deceit. There is money in Delta state. Unfortunately, Okowa is giving wrong impression about governance skills of Anioma people by painting them in bad light with his poor governance skills,” Ofume said.
Meanwhile, Mr. Meye ikpeasonem told Reporters that he came to YDP out of sheer love for the group and not that he is a decampee. “I did not decamp from any party. I was invited. I just love the party and their organizational skills. I am not satisfied with Okowa’s government. I don’t like the absence of infrastructure and the neglect of our areas and the insensitivity to the plight of our youth. I am not impressed with Okowa’s work, no roads in our communities,” Ikpeasonem said.

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