Delta Police Command arrests suspected kidnappers of Britons, losses a gallant officer


The Delta State Police Command has made a big haul in its commitment to rid the state of criminals and their evil activities, with the arrest of the suspected kidnappers of four Britons in on 13/10/2017 at Enakorogha in Burutu Local Government Area in which one of the Britons lost his life, as well as the sad loss of a police officer in the bid the bid to effect the arrest of a suspect.
The Commissioner of Police, Mr. Zanna M. Ibrahim at a press conference in Asaba during which suspected criminals involved in various crimes were paraded at the Command’s headquarters on Okpanam Road, Asaba on Novenber 13the, 2017.
ComPol Ibrahim identified the victims the kidnap as David Donavan ‘’m’, 57yrs}
ii. Shirley Donavan ‘f’, 57yrs}
iii. Alanna Carson ‘m’, } All Britons
iv. Ian Squire ‘m’ (Deceased)}

The suspects in the case that were paraded included Ekpenunena Courtmember ‘m’, 19yrs of Enerorogha Community, Burutu LGA, Delta State
ii. Wirly Huludu ‘m’, 35yrs of Edegbene Community
iii. Godswill Hana ‘m’, 22yrs of Ekragbene Community
iv. James Tennes ‘m’, 45yrs of Enakorogha Community, Burutu LGA, Delta State.
v. Ebimene Arerebo ‘m’, 31yrs of Torrindoro Community, Bayelsa State.

Stating the facts of the case, the Commissioner of Police stated: “Recall that during one of our last press briefings, precisely on the 17th October, 2017, we informed you of the unfortunate incident regarding the kidnap of the above mentioned British citizens on 13/10/17, at Enakorogha in Burutu by a gang of armed militants/kidnappers led by one Karowei Mgho. Acting on available intelligence, Operatives of the Command effected the arrest of the first four suspects above who have various degrees of complicity in the case. One of the suspects, Ekpenunena Courtmember confessed to have led the gang to the scene. Also on 14/10/2017, the first suspect Ebimene Arerebo ‘m’, 31yrs of Torrindoro Community in Ekremo local government area of Bayelsa State was arrested by a team of military men attached to Sector 1 Operation Delta Safe, Effurun based on information that he aids and abets the activities of the notorious kidnap syndicate headed by Karo-owei by acting as informant to the syndicate. The roles played by the suspects are as follows:
* Ekpenunena Courtmember – he led the gang to the victims’ residence and also provided fuel for the engine boat used for the operation.
* Wirly Huludu – he was aware of the gang’s activities but concealed the fact. On the fateful day, he put a call to one Bokeyo, who is suspected to be the second-in-command to the gang leader, who in turn warned him (Wirly Huludu) not to ask him about the expatriates.
* Godswill Hana – he was indicted by Ekpenunena Courtmember, but investigation is ongoing to ascertain his level of involvement.
* James Tennes – he aided and abetted the gang members by providing drinks for them, and also knows about their movements and serves as their informant thereby making their arrest difficult.
* Ebimene Arerebo – he acts as informant to the kidnap gang.
Meanwhile, the gang leader, Karo-owei Pere Gbakumor ‘m’ of Enekorogha community, Burutu LGA, Delta State, has been declared wanted, and a handsome sum of two million naira (N2M) will be given by the Command to any person who could come up with information that would lead to his arrest.”
Unfortunateley, a police officer lost his life in the bid to arrest one of the suspects. Disclosing this ComPOl Ibrahim stated: “On 8/11/2017, Intelligence Response Team (IRT) Operatives deployed to Delta State in pursuit of the kidnappers who kidnapped four (4) British citizens in Burutu successfully arrested two of the suspects. The duo confessed and volunteered to lead the IRT Operatives to arrest their remaining gang members in Sapele, Delta State. On sighting one of the kidnappers, the IRT Operatives advanced to arrest him but unfortunately, the armed suspect suddenly brought out a berretta pistol and shot at F/No. 359454 Sgt. Sanusi Lanre in the stomach and F/No.360140 Sgt. Agunbiade Adebayo on his two hands. Other IRT members around immediately replied and gunned down the kidnapper, recovered the pistol and conveyed him and the wounded operatives to the hospital. However, on 8/11/17, at 1100hrs, the injured Sgt. Sanusi Lanre, who had been on intensive care unit of DELSUTH since the shooting, died.
Investigation is in progress,” ComPol Ibrahim stated.

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