Senator Peter Nwaoboshi: The man wearing his heart on his sleeves for his people


By Owelle Awele Onokwai Snr

Senator Peter Nwaoboshi is a household name in the polity of Oshimili North, Delta North, Delta State, South South and the entirety of Nigeria; a sort of political golden fish without a place to hide. Not that there are no politicians from his region but the fact that this is a man who wears his heart on his sleeves for his people. He is a man of equity, fair play, deep and huge humour, a football lover – always rooting for the Blue-Half of Manchester, the Official Citizens of football. Even though back in Nigeria, he has been a terrific supporter of the Ekea Bombers of Igbuzo and the team has always kept in touch with him and being the best team around Delta North, their recent success-laden years would mean that the lover of the youths will always be the first to be presented major trophies won by the determined youths and players of Ekea Bombers.

Still at home and only this year, the apex developmental body in his home town, the ICDU, under the quality leadership of Dr. Austin Izagbo honored the federal lawmaker and host of others in recognition of excellent service delivery to the town. In defense of truth and fairness, the town has never witnessed so much an impact from a lawmaker throughout the history of the town and for the fact that this was his first shot at the Red Chamber of the National Assembly makes it all a worthy exercise. But then, Senator Peter Nwaoboshi in the midst of paparazzi that surrounded the glamorous Award Ceremony refused to bask in the euphoria of the moment. He knew there are plenty of works to be done and he can only take his feet off the gas when signs become too prominent of a better town and a better Delta North. He would later tell the audience to join hands with him to build a better Delta North. Only a man of vision, dedication, will and guts would do such. His people see him as a cult hero. He sees himself as Peter Nwaoboshi. ‘One of You’ I will always be.

Let us even go across the Senatorial District of Delta North and see how he is fairing.

Naturally, at least as stated by the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the primary duties of a legislator is to enact laws. Laws that will better the lives of the people of Nigeria but then, our democracy has been adjusted to the point that a lawmaker, apart from enacting laws, is now required to attract or influence some physical projects to the communities and this has even taken more germane position than the clearly spelt out constitutional function. So, invariably, the electorates will always measure the performance of their representative by the amount of physical infrastructures influenced by the lawmaker. There’s also the talk of Empowerment Programmes for the people. Few weeks ago, I had the cause to argue with a friend in Germany over the desirability of Empowerment Programme. In truth to his stance that such is not welcomed in Europe, I made him to understand that under any conventional scheme, a sub-set must be introduced to align and reflect the true situation of the environment. My point to him was If Empowerment programme could lift a family out of poverty and put their lives back on track and careers on point, then, it’s a welcomed idea. But in all of these ‘Functions’ of a lawmaker, SPON as he is fondly called by his thousands of admirers has exceedingly surpassed expectations.

Let me show you vouchers.

It is on record that SPON ranks amongst the best performing Senators in the country as evidenced by the speech delivered by no other person than the Senate president when he visited Igbuzo, the home town of SPON. The number 1 federal lawmaker would reveal how SPON fights for his people just to ensure that nothing due for his people is taken away from them. The statement itself is a credence to the numerous emergency road repairs undertaken by NDDC across Delta North, innovation and elevation of various medical facilities across Delta North, two magnificent Skill acquisition centres for the youths spread strategically in Delta North, other projects mentioned in the federal government budget which include road networks, pedestrian and urban bridge especially in Asaba. Some of these projects are only awaiting funding even though we are deeply optimistic that work will commence now that the rains are going on recess until next year.

Additionally, the youths are equally having a fair share of the political representation of SPON. After all, he has always been a man of the youths. Just recently, more than 3,000 Ndokwa Youths were trained in the Presidential Youth Training. The completed training into various farming will give these youths absolute opportunity to take their destinies into their hands. With the quality of mentoring accorded these youths, the level of training and quality starter packs as take off grant, their lives will never remain the same. So I know. So may it be. Amen.

Similarly, about a year ago, the Senator embarked on one of the most powerful empowerment programme in the annals of Delta North.

The programme, held at the Cenotaph in Asaba was a delight to all as beneficiaries were equitably drawn from the 9 LGs that make up Delta North irrespective of political inclinations. In the said programme, distinguished SPON doled out about 9 Tricycles, 9 Palm Milling Machines, Motorcycles, Sewing machines, hair-dressing machines, power-generating sets and guess what? Even the disabled people were not left behind. About 100 adjustable wheelchairs were given to those who made it to the Cenotaph. Although, recently, the man with a golden heart empowered about 784 people from his constituent to help advance their growth in the economy. As usual, these 784 people were carefully selected from the 9 local government areas across the Delta North senatorial district. From available information, more goodies are on the way for the good people of Delta North. This is exactly what you get when you have a man who wears his heart on his sleeves for his people.

Wearing His Heart On His Sleeves For His People
It is a known fact that the emergence of a governor of Delta State from the Delta North region came about as a result of selfless sacrifices made by notable sons and daughters from the region which included the distinguished SPON but none of us knew exactly how far he went for this goal to be achieved until everything was laid by the erstwhile Governor of Delta State, Chief James Onanefe Ibori. Chief Ibori at the Thanksgiving mass to commemorate the 60th birthday anniversary of SPON, narrated how the Igbuzo-born professional lawyer fought ‘tooth and nails’ for the emergence of a governor from the Delta North region. The revelation by Chief Ibori would send a message to the audience that in SPON, the people of Delta North are blessed with a man that will stop at nothing to give his people whatever belongs to them, a statement earlier affirmed by Dr. Bukola Saraki under same roof. Perhaps, the importance of this political guru to his colleagues at the Senate was further sealed when an unprecedented number of 40 Senators and other House of Reps members came down to witness the Thanksgiving Mass. Dr. Bukola Saraki even joked that a quorum had been established and whatever they decide at that moment is binding to the entire country!

Primary duties as a Lawmaker
Like I stated earlier, the primary function of a lawmaker is to enact laws for the good of the country. Not just laws but quality laws that will ensure good governance for the betterment of the citizens and the nation. SPON has not been found wanting here.
A Bill for the Amendment of the NDDC Establishment (2000) Act was recently passed into law by the Senate. This new amended law will help reposition the NDDC for prompt and effective service delivery to the people of Delta State, South South and the entire country.
Additionally, the Bill for an Act to amend the Code of Conduct Bureau and Code of Conduct Tribunal Act has also been passed into law. The Law will enable these vital federal Agencies to be fully detached from the aprons of the executive arm of the government and grant them the power to discharge their functions without unnecessary interference from the executive arm of the government.

There’s equally a Bill to amend the Public Officers’ Protection Act which was at that time designed to protect the colonial masters.
Of course, there’s a Bill for an Act to promote and regulate the Real Estate Sector for effective service delivery. These are quality Bills that will always impact positively in the history of Nigeria and Nigerians.

But then, despite all these mind-blowing feats, SPON has remained and will always remain focused on the task ahead.

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