Lend a hand to a progressive Delta


By Tommy Ndekwu, Jr

Something is happening in Delta State right now, there is a wind of change. A wind of renewal which will breathe new life into politics. There has been too many false hopes, too many broken promises, too many deceit. Its time to demand – loud and clear – for accountability on the part of our leaders! We are tired of the same old routine, we deserve better. This is why we should dare to bring about change.
I’m talking about a change that would make us proud. When I think of states such as Lagos, Cross-River, Akwa-Ibom I wonder what stops us from being great, from being a shining example. This change is necessary because Delta State seems to be running in circles. For far too long, we have replaced faithlessness with different faithlessness, something we cannot – should not – tolerate anymore. Old schemes and negative politics that we have seen for close to two decades now is exactly what Deltans should stay away from.
Lets commit to do things differently in Delta, lets commit to being result-oriented and not promise-oriented. A government’s job is to ensure that those who elected it into power are, upon reflection, happy and satisfied with its performance. A governor must ensure that his administration represents values such as accountability, transparency, pride in our differences, respect for democracy, cooperation, etc. These values, I believe, are shared by all Deltans. Lets work together to bring these values to the government and this can only be done by ensuring that our leader exhibits such. No matter which party you supported in the past, we can put old debates and grievances aside, so that together we can work to achieve real change. Una nova tire for this state as e be???
Forget that theory of ‘the devil you know’ or the talk of we-know-who-get-this-state. No one has this state! Delta state is ours! When a select few believe they have the state then they begin to take the masses for granted.Well, to hell, with that. We deserve better! We need to fix this. It starts with a vote – your vote. If you continue to believe that your votes don’t count, they will remain in power and keep using us.

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