By: Bishop Kenneth Ebolum

I wish to tender my unreserved apologies to the duo of FFK & Fayose, for my harsh comments against them
the past.
This was informed by their critical and disrespectful attacks against this government from inception. I felt that they were unpatriotic and had abandoned the culture of respect for age and personalities, a trait that the Yoruba race hold very dearly.
As I observed the events in this country over the past 3 years since this administration came on board, I have come to the conclusion that FFK & FAYOSE are actually patriots. They’re bold men who have become the voice of not just the opposition, but that of hapless Nigerians.
As a clergyman, I am instructed to pray for those in authority. I have done this faithfully for my President and his cabinet. My voice has gone hoarse and coarse following this biblical injunction. I have defended my President, who I proudly voted for 3 years ago, in full anticipation of faith, that he will wave the magic wand of CHANGE and we will go into Nirvana.
I wasn’t expecting this to happen overnight, but I am disappointed bt the way things are going!
I guess that FFK & FAYOSE being politicians themselves understand the workings and intrigues of that terrain.
Please raise your voices louder!
Scream more from the rooftop!!
Speak out for Nigeria and Nigerians. After all, Nigeria is bigger than both of you.
Nigeria is bigger than Mr President and his government. 
Nigeria is bigger than PDP & APC, the 2 demons that have damaged this country.
Maybe that’s why God has raised you for a time like this!
Nigerians are not asking for too much from our leaders. Just fairness, good roads, power, safety and security, and the dividends of democracy.
FFK & Fayose, am sorry for not seeing what you saw early.
Don’t blame me, I be pastor. We believe the best for everybody at all times.

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