Sapele Central Hospital crisis: Panel recommends Administrator’s demotion, transfer;  SHS accused of moves to undermine report


Corruption and the use of improper influence are factors that are currently said to be playing out at the Central Hospital, Sapele, Delta State, where the crisis rocking the hospital is becoming messier as the panel set up by the State Hospital Management Board has recommended the hospital Administrator who is at the centre of the controversy for demotion and transfer over alleged acts of misconduct.
Recall that a man believed to a Lover Boy to the Administrator allegedly on January 26th, 2018 assaulted a staff of the hospital, Mr Lewis Oghueh, while the Medical Director, Dr. Peter Edevbie who invited the two men to sort-out an issue watched helplessly.  
Following the misgivings and tension the incident is generating the Hospital, through the Director Hospital Service, Delta State Hospital Management Board queried the Medical Director who then hurriedly set-up a five-man administrative panel to investigate the matter.

The panel led by Dr. Aragbah last week submitted its report to the Medical Director,  and as part of their recommendations, recommended punitive action of two steps demotion and transfer for the Administartor who ordinarily should face outright dismissal for bringing a third party to assault a staff, in order to serve as a deterrent to others.
But in a swift and deft move, the Administrator is said to have embarked on a mission to scuttle the recommendation against he by allegedly recruiting the Secretary Hospital Service, SHS, Delta State Hospital Management Board, Asaba to her side. The aim, according to sources is to not only quash the recommendations, but has has in fact gone a step ahead to transfer some top hospital management staff, who they consider as not co-operating in the current saga.

To cover their track, the SHS, has transferred the auditor and deputy to Administrator, in a move many staff in the hospital termed as vindictive, because the two management staff refused to be compromised or pocketed like others.
It was gathered that the crime of the transferred auditor, is having the temerity to query an alleged monthly remittance through the hospital administrator, to the SHS, an action which irked the HSH, and not too sure of outcome of the panel report, and the risk of having the two uncompromising staff around, SHS last week transferred both of them from the hospital. 
Not done, the SHS has also been fingered in alleged attempt to bully some staff who witnessed the Administrator’s lover Boy’s assault from testifying before the visiting panel constituted by the Director Hospital Service, Delta State Hospital Management Board, a situation which has created palpable fear in the workers, as the fear of Ebo is the beginning of wisdom in HMB.

Sources added that by intimidating witnesses and preventing them from coming forward to testify for fear of victimization, even the Medical Director, according to our source was incoherent in his presentation when the members of the panel set up by the DHS visited the hospital, “because the administrator also has what she can use to nail him.”  
Sources noted that unless “God intervenes in this matter nothing will come out of it as the Administrator “owns HMB”, anything she wants, with the help of Ebo she gets that is why she has become a demi – god in central hospital, Sapele.
Ebo our source added has assured the administrator that nothing will come out of the report submitted or the one that is awaiting submission.

Recall that Oghueh’s ordeal stated when the hospital administrator’s car had battery problem and she requested that Oghueh who is incharge of the hospital generator gave the Administrator one of the batteries, but rather than return it after use she turned it into her personal belonging and all effort to make her return it failed as she resorted to threat and intimidation.
Matter came to head when the Administrator rather than return the battery as requested by Oghueh, she brought her lover Boy, who has unhindered access to any place in the hospital to beat up Ogbueh when he was explaining what transpired to the MD.
According to the source, “Oghueh was called by the MD to come and check the battery in the Administrator’s car, but before he could say anything, the Administrator’s Lover Boy, descended on him with punches, slapping him and because it’s against the civil service rule, he couldn’t fight back as he was beaten until he almost passed out, while the MD looked on.  
“He was later rushed to the emergency unit of the hospital where medical doctors treated him and was later placed on admission and was discharged after about three days on admission.
Meanwhile, when SHS, Mr Ebo was contacted on phone on his take as to why the Administrator who was allegedly transferred in November 2017 got the posting  withdrawn because the woman makes monthly returns to him, SHS, he dismissed the allegation as unfounded and baseless.
 Ebo who boasted that he is not afraid of anything or anybody because he is an Asaba man said:  “She gives me 100,000 monthly returns; when you heard the information did you see the transfer letter?
“I will not respond to you, I don’t talk to press, if you are doing investigative journalism and you were told that she was transferred and that she gives me one million every month, did you see the bank statement or the transfer letter?
 “Prove to me that this lady was transferred, that is what you have to do first, not by calling me, can you intimidate me? How much did she give, investigate very well and tell the person to give you the copy of the transfer letter for us to know if the transfer was canceled before you talk about settling me, how much does she have, has she paid her children school fees, a beg go call another person.
“I believe you have been given money for you to call me, am I your mate, how can you be calling me on phone, do you know me before. You should have looked for the posting letter outside Sapele and the one that returned her back to Sapele, and then, you could have ground to say something is fishing here.”
When asked why the Hospital Deputy administrator and Auditor where hastily transferred following the crisis rocking the hospital, Ebo said; “If they were transferred are they the first transfer that we are making? The person you say is giving me money is the person self sufficient? Is it possible for people to borrow money to settle?
“In short all these allegation nor they threaten me, I nor dey fear, I be Asaba person, I nor dey fear, I just dey call you back because you surprise me, because you just pick your phone dey call me, that you hear, what is that one, that one is nothing now. I nor be person when dey panic, anything I do I can defend it, all these you are saying, I didn’t post the Administrator,” he added.

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