U.S. expels 60 Russians over poisoned ex-spy in UK


The U.S. has expelled 60 Russian diplomats, including 48 employees of the Russian Embassy and 12 people who have been assigned to the UN in New York.
“The total number today that we’re talking about is 60. That includes 48 members of the Russian embassy in New York … and 12 at the UN,” Administration’s officer said.
NAN reports that the EU on Thursday recalled its ambassador from Moscow for consultations over the nerve gas attack against a former spy in Britain, reinforcing a united stand with Prime Minister Theresa May against Russia.
After the EU firmly sided with May in the escalating conflict reminiscent of the Cold War and said it was “highly likely Russia is responsible” for the attack on Sergei Skripal.
May won the backing of 27 other EU leaders at a summit Thursday and the bloc called the attack a “grave challenge to our shared security.”
Russia strongly denies responsibility and has slammed Britain’s investigation.
Britain argues the attack is part of a pattern of behavior by an increasingly assertive Russia whose muscle-flexing, cyber-meddling and law-breaking on foreign soil pose a threat to the international rule of law.
Britain and Russia have expelled 23 of each other’s diplomats in a dispute showing no sign of easing.
Russia’s ambassador to the UK, Alexander Yakovenko, accused the UK Thursday of having a “bad record of violating international law and misleading the international community.”
“History shows that British statements must be verified,” he told reporters in London, demanding “full transparency of the investigation and full cooperation with Russia” and the Organisation for the Prohibition of
Chemical Weapons. (Sputnik/NAN)

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