I’m proud to be a Christian, Nwaoboshi poop-poohs traducers for playing religious, incarceration cards against him


The Senator representing Delta North in the Senate, Barrister Peter Nwaoboshi today, Friday, 11/5/2018 pooh-poohed his traducers who he accused of playing the religious and incarceration cards to intimidate and cow him, saying that he is proud to be a Christian and an unrepentant member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
Nwaoboshi, who spoke at the Delta North Senatorial meeting of the PDP held at the Orchid Hotel, DBS Road, Asaba, could not hide his emotions over his incarceration ordeal and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)charges of alleged corruption against him, took time to praise and thank the people of Anioma for standing by him and giving him cheerful support even in the court, said he was proud to be an Anioma person.
While also thanking the Anioma people for the gesture extended to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa with the reception held in his honour and where the governor was overwhlmingly adopted in his absence as the sole governorship candidate of the senatorial district for the 2019 elections, also took advantage of the senatorial meeting to to formally adopt Governor Okowa as the Delta North PDP sole governorship candidate for 2019.
Apparently disturbed by what he called ill talks against him during his incarceration by his traducers, he told the congregation that he was proud of his representation of the people of Delta North and for being a prime person among the PDP caucus in the Senate. He challenged his traducers and political detractors, saying, “When the time comes, we will know the animal that owns the bush.”
He continued: “Those who think they can intimidate me by incarcerating me are wasting their time. I am proud to be a Christian. Those who want to use religion to intimidate me , I say that I am proud to be a Christian.”
Senator Nwaoboshi decried a situation where someone was passing insults to Governor Okowa, pointing out that he never insulted Chief Ibori as governor and therefore objects strongly to anyone insulting the person of Governor Okowa for being and Anioma man. He said: “We never insulted Ibori as Governor. And for someone from another senatorial district to insult my governor, who is from my senatorial district, I will not keep quiet . You cannot insult my brother and you expect me to keep quiet, I will not keep quiet.”
He announced the donation of 98 motorcycles the Senatorial district to be shared one each 98 PDP wards of the district. “After May 29th, 2018, we shall move into the field and start our campaign,” Nwaoboshi said, pointing out that: “I am not competing with anybody. The only thing I detest is when people go about maligning others.”

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