Buhari deserves 2nd term, says Doris Uboh, senatorial aspirant makes case for better representation of Delta North


By Chukwunonso Chukwudi

All Progressive Congress (APC) senatorial hopeful for Delta North,
and former member of the House of Representatives, Rt.Hon. Doris Uboh
has expressed confidence in the President Muhammad Buhari led Federal
Government and has thrown her weight behind his reelection.

Speaking at a media chat recently in Agbor, the American trained
engineer gave a pass mark to the performance of the Buhari
administration so far. She said that the first aspect where the
President has earned positive applause is the fight against
corruption, noting that before now the decadence in the system was on
a free show and therefore hindered optimal functionality.

“At a time when crude oil sold for as much as $119per barrel for a
relatively lengthy period, rather than this translating into improved
living standards for the average Nigerian, it went into enriching
private pockets. You can imagine how much $119 multiplied by over two
million barrels per day means for our earnings as a country, yet this
unfortunately became areas for our economy to be pilfered,” she said.

She also cited the strict implementation of the TSA as another area
where the PMB/APC administration has fared very well. “With the
implementation of the Treasury Single Account by the Federal
Government, it is very clear that financial probity is on its way to
prominence in the country. I can tell you that there were times in the
past when government ministries and parastatals maintained numerous
accounts, and some of these accounts were only known by those
Civil/public servants who opened them. For instance, you could see a
ministry or Department have over 10 different accounts in different
banks, and finances accruing to these accounts were siphoned into
private pockets. However, it’s good to know that that is no longer

On the economy, the Ika born ex-legislator said that of course things
aren’t easy today with everyone feeling it, nevertheless she pointed
out that judging from what had been obtainable in the past with lack
of probity, treasury looting and abuse of office, the PMB
Administration is surely putting Nigeria on the road map to economic

Doris Uboh explained:“Those who complain of economic hardship should be aware
that with the fall in oil prices to as little as $20 per barrel when
the PMB administration mounted the saddle, added to the reduction of
oil production to as low as 700,000 barrels per day due to pipeline
vandalism, recent moves to restructure the economy and diversify our
earnings, coupled with the blockage of conduits within government
finances, the hardship being felt is only a necessary phase which will
phase out very shortly. As we can see, the government is focusing on
strengthening our economy through investing in agriculture, production
and further creating an ease of business atmosphere for traders and
marketers. Look at the recently signed swap deal with the Chinese
government, it is very clear that something is being done to ensure
sustainable economic development.”

She also spoke on terrorism, where she applauded the renewed
vigour in arresting terrorist activities as well as boosting the ability
of the armed forces to combat the menace of Boko Haram and Herdsmen
crises. She however opined that the federal government could do more
to safeguard lives and properties for Nigerians, while also calling on
Nigerians to be vigilant and conscious on their surroundings.

The former Ika Representative at the green Chamber who recently turned 54, also
applauded the Federal Government for finally recognising Chief MKO
Abiola and others who were involved in the June 12 struggle. “By
recognizing June 12, the President has communicated so many things to
the people and one of them is that injustice shouldn’t be left to
fester for as long as it did with June 12. My elder sibling was
married to Chief MKO and I remember being heavily pregnant that period
of the elections, in one of the campaigns, multitudes were seated
waiting to see the entourage of MKO arrive Delta State. It was five-hour
wait for the campaign team. That goes to tell you that the people
really were interested in the democratic process, and upon it’s
annulment, you could see the disappointment and anger. It means a lot
that the right thing has been done at last, not just for the memory of
MKO, but for the Nigerian people and the ideals of Democracy,” she said.

On her aspiration to represent Delta North at the Senate, she said
that it is time for the people of Delta North Senatorial District to
experience true representation, popular advocacy and enjoy the
benefits of a democratic dispensation. ” My records are there from my
time as Ika Federal Rep, everyone who cares about Anioma’s growth
should investigate my performance and see what it means to have a
representative speaking for them. It is time to attract development to
all hamlets, villages and communities in Anioma land, and I’m ready to
see to this ”

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