Delta PDP berates APC for telling lies against Okowa


The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Delta State has taken a swipe at the statement of a faction of the All Progressives Congress (APC), in which Governor Ifeanyi Okowa was the object of attack.

Dr. Ifeanyi Michael Osuoza, state Publicity Secretary of PDP who reacted in a statement made available to, described as a lie, deliberately concocted to misinform and cause confusion, the factional APC’s claim that Deltans celebrated “black democracy” Day on May 29, 2018.

Dr. Osuoza’s statement reads: “The Delta state Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, notes with huge disappointment, but with a satisfied sense of confirmation, that even after three years in power at the national level, the All Progressives Congress, APC has continued to present itself as a lying, irresponsible, unserious and deceiving band of confusionists, to the extent that Nigerians have now come to the inevitable conclusion that comments and statements emanating from the camp of the APC can no longer be accepted hook, line and sinker because of the humongous nature of their lie contents.

“In fact the lying and deceitful nature of the APC’s comments and statements has become a dangerous and terrible trait, which must now be treated with the contempt they deserve because of their worthless value.

“This deliberate media strategy of the APC, developed and adopted by its leading spokesman in the most distasteful Goebellian mould which, simply interpreted, means that a lie, if told and sustained with authority, vigour and frequency, soon becomes accepted as the truth; was even brazenly displayed by President Muhammadu Buhari himself, in his democracy day speech, but which has since been exposed and discredited as a litany of lies, half-truths and a deliberate dosage of spin and misrepresentations of unsubstantiated achievements.

“With present happenings in Delta State, we are left with little or no doubts whatsoever, that this same ‘lying’ unction is also flowing through to the State chapters of the party, even in their confused and factional configurations across the nation, otherwise, how else should we describe a situation in which, a man who claims to be the Publicity Secretary of a faction of the feuding APC in Delta State, issued a so-called press release entitled: “It’s a black democracy day for Deltans, says Delta APC.”

“The poorly written and badly proof-read press release, which was signed by one Moses Kamanya, who claims to be the State Publicity Secretary-elect of his faction of the troubled APC in Delta, also stated in its first paragraph that: “While Nigerians across board are celebrating 19 years of Democracy, with democratic dividend in terms of improved infrastructure and better living standard, it is sad that what we have in Delta State is a black Day.” Haba! Mr. factional State Publicity Secretary-elect; are you sure you are even living in Delta State at all?

“First of all, the day in question, May 29, 2018, was bright, sunny, gay and cheerful in the whole of Delta State and particularly in Asaba, the State capital. There was no iota of ‘black’ anywhere at all even in its most bizarre metaphoric interpretation, contrary to the lie of the factional APC scribe-elect’s submission describing it as a ‘black day’.

“Besides, the expression “black” suggested that there was upheaval or commotion that resulted in death or people sustaining injuries somewhere in the State. This is another evidence of the “lying” trait that runs through the APC. Delta State, across the three senatorial districts was calm, peaceful and in a joyous Democracy day celebration mood. In fact, while Kamanya and cohorts were fiddling with the evil thought of writing the very unintelligent “press release”, the product of an arguable case of dementia, Governor Ifeanyi Okowa was with Deltans, high and low at the Event Centre, Okpanam Road, Asaba, celebrating God in a praise-worship and thanksgiving session. It was a period and time devoted solely to celebrate God and thank Him for being the unseen hand behind the good and marvellous things done for the State in the three years of the Okowa administration.

“So, where did the APC factional Publicity Secretary-elect get his information of “a black Democracy Day for Deltans” from? It is a concoction, a figment of the factional APC’s imagination and the aim is a “lying” propaganda put out deliberately with the aim and intent to mis-inform Deltans and cause confusion.

“The “lying” Publicity Secretary-elect also wrote: “The 19 years of the PDP has been a motion without movement and the past three years of the Okowa administration is an abysmal failure, with nothing tangible to hold on to.” Really? Of course, the people of Delta State know very well that this is another spurious claim, a shameless lie and the unfortunate product of a certain kind of temporary insanity that has overtaken the fellow in the concerted effort to sound appropriate in his temporary position as factional spokesman. Pity!

“The question we in the Delta PDP, want to ask the APC, in all the fractured components of its now unrecognizable whole, is this: “In what way did the Okowa administration fail? Is it in the area of the loud and resounding ambience of peace and tranquility being witnessed in Delta communities that is even now, transforming the State into the investor’s destination of choice?

“Indeed, is it not the factional and unruly behaviour of the APC members during their ill-fated ward congress, that punctured the peace of Delta State with the recent murder in Ughelli of a ward chairmanship aspirant through the dastardly brutality of an opponent’s clubbing and stabbing of the poor young man to an untimely death?

“And talking about the 19 years of PDP in Delta State, of course, it is only an emotionally imbalanced stranger for that matter or even some ‘bad-belle’ detractors pretending to be blind, that will not notice that Delta State has been transformed from the hitherto position of a glorified local government area to what should be truly a thriving and burgeoning State amongst the comity of States in Nigeria.

“The PDP under that landmark Ibori administration opened up the communities of Delta State with vast network of roads and in what then seemed like an impossibility, performed the construction miracle of connecting hitherto unexplored terrains of the riverine areas by building bridges like the Bomadi bridge, Omadino Bridge and the Ashaka bridge to link them with the rest of the State.

“The succeeding government in the State continued to build on the Ibori legacy of service delivery, with the Dr. Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan’s administration opening up more roads, building more bridges, building the Asaba Airport that was conceived by the PDP administration, making Delta State a business hub and consolidating on the peace legacy and other major breakthroughs, especially in the strengthening of the Delta State work force and civil service, in the political transformation of the State and in the value that has been brought to bear on the State’s health care, education, urbanization, transportation and other welfare and infrastructural achievements, hinged on the system and structures set down by the Ibori administration.

“The Senator (Dr.) Ifeanyi Okowa administration has continued to build on the legacies of his predecessors and it will be imperative, now that we have accomplished three years of a dynamic, purpose-driven governance masterclass in Delta State, to once again inform Moses Kamanya and his cohorts on the APC factional train, that Governor Okowa came on board with his Five Point SMART Agenda of prosperity for all Deltan. which is grounded on the Governor’s vision to take Delta State to the status of the pacesetter in the Nigerian Federation by building an enduring legacy of wealth and prosperity for all.

“It is important to educate the factional APC Publicity Secretary-elect that since August 2015, when Governor Okowa launched the Job and Wealth Creation Scheme with the Youth Agricultural Entrepreneurs Programme (YAGEP), Skills Training and Entrepreneurship Programme (STEP), Production and Processing Support Programme (PPSP) in the State, no fewer than 2,324 youths have been trained, nurtured and established in their choice enterprises. The added value is that those trained have also become channels that have trained and employed thousands of other Deltans.

“In the area of road infrastructure development, the Okowa administration has completed well over 92 road projects across the State and 166 ongoing, including the completed Cable Point road, at Asaba, and many more in the metropolis; the completed Ozoro-Oleh Road, the construction of the Amawha layout Idheze Road, with drainage, all in Isoko land; the Ogaga Road, which has been commissioned and the Sapele Technical College inaugurated in Sapele, the massive infrastructural facelift, new constructions and rehabilitation going on in Aniocha North and Aniocha South LGAs, the two Oshimili LGAs, through to Ika North and Ika south, Ndokwa West, Patani LGA, Udu LGA, Uvwie LGA, and many more that have now resulted in addressing His Excellency Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, as “the Road Master.”

“Again, there is the Storm water drainage projects that are aimed at solving the flood menace in Asaba once and for all. Ditto for the Stephen Keshi Township stadium, Asaba, that is currently under construction and will soon host the whole of Africa when the continent’s foremost Athletics championships comes to Delta in a few months time, as well as the construction of the star project of the Okowa administration, the work on the State secretariat, all of which have turned Asaba, the State capital into a huge construction site.

“The Delta PDP is only too happy therefore to inform the likes of Moses Kamanya, who pretend not to live in Delta State especially at this time that we have entered another election season, that the Prosperity for all Deltans’ agenda of the Okowa administration, delivered through the SMART Agenda will definitely be the bedrock of our 2019 campaign once again and this information is important because we and the rest of Deltans have come to the obvious conclusion that the APC has no manifesto or governance agenda, apart for spreading cheap lies and misleading propaganda against the excellent work the PDP is doing in all sectors through the astute, brilliant and result-oriented policies and strategies of Governor Ifeanyi Okowa.

“It is only the insincere and dishonest that will say such a development master plan is not ongoing, just like a so-called Publicity Secretary-elect of the APC, who wants Deltans to believe otherwise. It is a clear case of dementia.

“We do not wish to blow our own trumpet, but what we can assure the APC is that the sterling achievements recorded in the past nineteen years by the PDP and especially in the last three years in Delta State have conclusively proved that the development exploits of the Okowa administration are not only touching lives and living up to expectation, even with meagre resources at his disposal, but most importantly that the APC is a blind party and not organized at all and so it has become desperate and has resorted to deceiving Nigerians with lies and propaganda.,

“But Nigerians, having been beaten once are now twice shy and will never fall for the dishonesty of the All Progressives Congress, APC that has conclusively and completely failed the people of Nigeria in all ramifications,” Osuoza declared.

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