Aniocha North: Okwudi denounces sponsors of attack dogs, urges PDP faithful to ignore blackmailers, mischief makers


Hon. Jaunty Okwudi, the Senior Special Assistant to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State has denounced the authors and sponsors of the write-up trending on social media written by one Oyana Alphonsus, describing the purported open letter to the governor as the work or shameless blackmailers.
Hon. Jaunty in a statement signed by his media assistant, Chika Okolie, and titled “Oyana Alphonsus: Antics of a blackmailer and an attack dog” called on the people of Aniocha North Local Government Area to ignore the lies contained in the malicious write-up as it is aimed at causing confusion and creating ill-feelings against the person, leadership and government of Governor Ifeanyi Okowa.
He reiterated that the Governor is committed to his word that a level playing field will be provided for all aspirants as there is no favoured candidate.
The text of Chika Okolie’s statement reads:
“The attention of Hon. Jaunty Okwudi, the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor of Delta State, on Peace Building, Rural Development and Conflict Resolution, to a sponsored diatribe written by one Oyana Alphonsus, who claims to be a retired teacher.
“In a malicious so-called open letter, this attack dog claimed to have written to Governor Okowa, entitled “Appraising your quest and commitment to deliver a free, fair and transparent primary election in Delta State as promised,” Oyana Alphonsus, who is said to be based in Abuja, shamelessly based his write-up on “rumour” founded on lies and cheap blackmail, aimed at hanging Hon. Jaunty Okwudi in order to cause disaffection between him and the good people of Aniocha North Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) family. Part of the blackmail is the lie that Hon. Ned Nwoko gave him money.
“Hon. Okwudi would have ignored the mischievous write-up for what it is, the antics of an attack dog and a blackmailer, but in order to set the record straight, so that the good people of Aniocha North and the state in general are not misled by the untruth dished out by the agents of mischief out to cause disaffection and ill will in the PDP in Aniocha North LGA.
“Accordingly, it has become necessary that our pacesetting and amiable Governor, Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa has times without number made the point that his bond to the people is his commitment to provide a level playing field for everyone contesting in the primary election for the emergence of party flag bearers. Hon. Jaunty Okwudi knows that so far, His Excellency, the Governor has not reversed himself, and that being a man of integrity himself, Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, the Ekwueme of our time will always keep to his words.
“It is important to also call attention to an interview granted by Hon. Jaunty Okwudi to The Pointer newspaper where Hon. Okwudi spoke at length about the fact that Governor Okowa has continually reiterated that there will be no imposition of candidate. See The Pointer of Monday, September 10, 2018. Answering a question in that interview, Hon. Jaunty Okwudi stated: “Let me make it categorically clear that the era of imposition of candidates, not only in Aniocha North is over. If you know the governor very well, those fears should not have arisen. His repetition that the party has no preferred candidate and that all aspirants should go to the field and test their popularity is sacrosanct. It is a pact, that is the new order in the PDP led by Prince Uche Secondus, and Delta being a loyal party member has already keyed into the new orientation. I can also assure you that the syndrome of impunity is over and has been replaced with a well structured internal democracy. This is why members are happy to remain as one indivisible family. So, as far as I know, there is no preferred candidate for the State House of Assembly seat in Aniocha North. All aspirants, including the incumbent, will go to the field and test their popularity with the delegates. It is as simple as that.”
Again, Hon Jaunty Okwudi also in The Pointer interview disclaimed allegations made by mischief makers who are planting their lies about that he (Jaunty) claimed that the Governor has a special candidate in Aniocha North for the Delta state House of Assembly. In that interview, Hon Jaunty Okwudi categorically denied the allegation, saying: “I never said so. I dissociate myself from the alleged news that the governor is propagating or anointing any of the aspirants for the Aniocha North House of assembly primaries. This is cheap, malicious blackmail, in an attempt to put me on a collision course with my brother Basim on one hand and my innocent boss the Governor of Delta state on the other.”
It is also important to let the people of Aniocha North know that the claim that Hon. Jaunty Okwudi collected money from Hon. Ned Nwoko is a lie, a blackmail and figment of the imagination of the sponsors of Oyana Alphonsus. Hon. Jaunty Okwudi, never demanded or collected any money from Hon. Ned Nwoko as it is not in any way, his character to do so. People know him for that and most of us can attest to his high level of moral integrity as far as money is concerned.
“The people of Aniocha North should be curious enough to ask: who is Oyana Alphosus? Is he a Deltan? Is he from Aniocha North LGA? Does he reside in Aniocha North LGA? The question becomes pertinent to let the people know and not be carried away by the antics of a jobber, being used by political mischief makers and desperadoes to cause confusion in Aniocha North. If not for mischief, why is the matter coming up again after a lengthy statement has been made by the Governor, the State party Chairman that there will be no imposition of candidates and that a level playing field will be provided for all aspirants. This position has not changed, that imposition of candidates will not be allowed.”

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