Delta 2019: Nmalagu carpets Uduaghan over comment, urges Nigerians to vote APC for bad governance


ASABA/Nigeria: The former governor of Delta state, Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan had been criticised over a recent statement credited to him that he had been causing the failure of the opposition All Progressive Party, APC, to lose elections in the state, and that they are now ready to upturn the table and take over power from the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, a big joke.

Reacting to the statement, the Executive Assistant to the Governor of Delta State on Religious Matters, Bishop Greatman Nmalagu, described Uduaghan’s statement as a big joke, arguing that the thought is unbecoming of someone who for 16 years was at the top of administration of the state, adding that the idea of taking over of the state will be an effort in futility, as their dream and thought will end up as a big joke.

“It is a futility, dream and thought by Dr Emmanuel Ewetan Uduaghan and APC that they are wrestling power from PDP. All of them are jokers.”
The Aide to the governor, said for confessing to the previous failures of the opposition party to gain power in the state, said that the ex-governor will cause the more failure of the ex-governor.

“The Ex-governor has said that he has been making APC fail elections in Delta state. Certainly, he shall make APC to fail beyond human imaginations,” the Bishop said.
He pointed out that Nigeria and Nigerians are passing through a rebirth period, as they have realised that the APC, and President Muhammadu Buhari’s bad government is preparing to remain in power through force and false elections, as had been indicated in the Ekiti and Osun elections.

“Nigeria is passing through a rebirth period. Nigerians and the entire world are now aware that APC and Buhari’s bad government are preparing to remain in power through force and false elections.”

He stated that the unfortunate thing is that the agencies of government which were established to work for the people are now extensions of the All progressive Congress, as they have continuously acted against the people, and this had reawakened the people of Nigeria, and the Nigerian voters, that they are not neutral.
“The INEC, army, police and other security agencies have proved that they are the extension of APC, that they are not neutral. Therefore, politically, Nigerians are born again. The electorates are getting set to vote and defend their votes to ensure that this bad government is voted out.”
Bishop Nmalagu questioned the rationale behind the intimidation of the electorates, whereas, the same government had refused to protect Nigerians who are being killed by the herdsmen and Boko Haram terrorists.

“Imagine, the herdsmen and Boko Haram are killing people with impunity, APC and Buhari’s thugs with the assistance of security agencies are intimidating, harassing, unlawfully arresting and killing innocent voters and members of opposing political parties.

“To enable APC thugs rig election and kill people with impunity like the herdsmen are doing the army used very many hours in shooting guns to put fears in the minds of voters. During Osun elections, the army and police ensured that PDP agents were mercilessly terrified. Hence, some of the agents ran into hiding to save their lives.

“The boast of APC and Uduaghan in Delta state that they are taking over power in 2019 is a mere noise. What APC did in Ekiti and Osun states election cannot work in Delta state, unless they are ready to kill all the Christians, PDP members, civil servants, and the entire Deltans, local and international observers. The INEC and security agencies must be ready to be neutral to allow free, credible and fair elections.”

Bishop Nmalagu while congratulating Nigerians on the 58 years Independence Anniversary, however, said that there is nothing like independence in Nigeria, as there is no good government.
“Independence is not actually in Nigeria for lack of good government. There is no freedom of speech. Pressmen and media houses are in fear, a free and fair election is not guaranteed by INEC.

“There is no freedom of existence in Nigeria, people are being killed like domestic animals, as cows are safer and happier in some parts of Nigeria than human-beings.”
“Nigerians are clamouring for restructuring for human freedom and developments, while the present administration of APC and Buhari is clamouring for cow colonizing in the south, East, west and middle belt so that through it they will claim our lands, enslave us more and possibly give direct room for BokoHaram and herdsmen to invade our states and have access to continuing the killings with impunity without arrest.”
He called on Nigerians to rise and defend the country, so that they will have a nation they will call their own.
“There is nothing like independence in actual sense in Nigeria because the masses are in pains, sorrow and perpetual fear. Nigerians, it is time to pray harder and be ready to liberate ourselves from this bad condition for a true independence,” Bishop Nmalagu declared

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