Italian boxer dies after knockout in title match


The boxing world was thrown into mourning following the death of an Italian boxer, Christian Daghio, who died after he was knocked unconscious during a fight in Thailand.
According to Metro UK, the 49-year-old, had won seven world titles during his career, but was knocked out twice in the final round of his WBC Asia title fight against Don Parueang last month.
After his second knockdown, Daghio was immediately treated by medical staff inside the ring but didn’t get up.
He was subsequently taken to hospital in Bangkok where he spent two days in a coma before he died.
“He died as he wanted to die.
“I have no regrets because he was like that. He said he wanted to fight until he was 80.”
“The ring was his life and he died as a champion.
“My brother had a girlfriend in Thailand and a five-year-old girl,” Daghio’s brother, Fabrizio, told Il Resto del Carlino.

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