Obasanjo to Deltans: Okowa’s a good product, doing good things, give him a 2nd term


Former president of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo has assessed Governor Ifeanyi Okowa’s stewardship in Delta State and declared that the governor is a good product and counselled Deltans not to throw him away but keep him and allow him to complete his two terms.

He said doing so would mean giving Okowa the opportunity to continue with his good works in the state by voting for him in 2019.

Chief Obasanjo made the call today, Tuesday (19/11/18) while commissioning projects executed by the Okowa administration in the state.
Some of the projects commissioned include, the dualised old Lagos/Asaba road, from Emuhu junction to Agbor-Obi junction, the dualised Owei-Ekei/Owa-Alero road, from old Lagos/Asaba road to Owa-Alero round about and the main bowl of the Stephen Keshi Stadium, Asaba.

Endorsing Governor Okowa for second term in 2019, Chief Obasanjo said at the commissioning of Owa-Ekei/Owa-Alero road: “As an elder statesman, whatever I see and heard, my mouth will talk about; where I came from, we are always looking for good things and when we have good things, we hold on to it; when you have good leaders, hold on to them; this governor (Ifeanyi Okowa) from what I have seen and from what I have heard, he is a good product and when you have a good product, you don’t throw it away, I know that this governor is a good governor, I will hold on to him because he has started well and we must give him the opportunity to consolidate on his good works.”

He emphasized that “the people of Delta State should not throw away a good product, better make good use of the opportunity you have, Governor Okowa is my brother, the performing Governor of Delta State and he is following with good steps.”

Also, at the commissioning of the old Lagos/Asaba Road, Agbor, the former President reiterated: “I want to congratulate all of you in Delta State for the progress you have achieved, we should continue to achieve progress through what God has given to us through the instrumentality of Governor Okowa.

“I am from the part of the world where if you have a good thing, you don’t change it because, the known is better, you don’t change the known for the unknown, and Governor Okowa is the known and he is working,” Chief Obasanjo said.

Governor Okowa in his speech, thanked the former President for coming to the state to commission projects, disclosing that the projects executed by his administration dot different parts of Delta State including the riverine communities that were described as difficult terrains before his emergence as Governor.
The Chairman of Delta State Traditional Rulers Council who is also, the Obi of Owa, HRM Emmanuel Efeizomor II had thanked former President Obasanjo for coming to the state to commission projects, stating, “our son, Governor Okowa has done very well, it is a fact that all the governors that rulled Delta State did two terms, Governor Okowa cannot be an exception, we should rally round him for him to complete eight years as Governor,” he stated.
The Chairman of Ika South Local Government Area, Mr. Victor Okoh and his counterpart in Ika North-East Local Government Area, Mr Victor Ebonka observed that Governor Okowa has done very well to touch the lives of the people positively.
And while commissioning the Lagos-Agbor Road in Ika South Local Governmen, Obasanjo described the roads constructed by the administration as a great feat towards speedy socio-economic development of the state.
“Without transportation, we cannot talk about social or economic development, but you (Governor Okowa) have not limited your achievements in the area of road construction to aid transportation alone, you have added education that is relevant at this stage in Nigeria, technical education, which is education that uses the head and the hand; education that matters now,” the former President said.
He continued: “Today, you have achieved peace; peace is fundamental for development to take place, it is a very vital ingredient that we need in our society.
“You (Governor Okowa) do everything possible for every community to have a sense of belonging, in the state, to have stake in the state, and no community is left out and from what I have heard and seen, you have constructed a lot of roads in Delta State, I want to congratulate you for working for the people,” Chief Obasanjo stated.
He also commissioned the the dualised Owei-Ekei/Owa-Alero road, from old Lagos/Asaba road to Owa-Alero round about where he stated, “when I came in yesterday, I didn’t know why they called you (Governor Okowa) the Road Master but, here, we have a Governor who is not just a Road Master, but, a Bulldozer who is also interested in relevant education that is required in today’s Nigeria.
“At any stage in our life, any of us will require medical attention and the governor has also, made health care available to all of us through the health insurance policy, I thank the governor for the good medical facilities in the state, they are necessary so that people will not go outside Nigeria for medical attention and return as cargo when they are dead, so, Mr Governor, continue to upgrade the medical facilities to be among the best in the world.”
The former President added, “if you have home, you have good health, you must have employment and from what we can hear, you have paid all the local government staff and the teachers all the arrears and someone will come out and say you are not a good man, tell me who said the governor is not a good man, so that I can curse him because, you are a Governor after my heart.”
He used the occasion to declare that Governor Okowa deserves the support of the people to complete eight years in office.
Governor Okowa disclosed at the occasion that more projects would be executed by his administration, stating that executing projects that will create job opportunities for the people are very dear to his heart and his administration would continue to do more for Deltans.

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