Retaining Yakubu, Magu, Amina, IG Idris, indicate that 2019 elections ’ll not be free, fair, says Nmalagu


Adding his voice for a credible and rancour free elections, the Executive Assistant to the Governor of Delta State on Religious Matters, and Publicity Secretary of Anioma Bishops Conference, Bishop Greatman Nmalagu is uncomfortable with the continuous stay of Professor Yakubu Mohammed, Ibrahim Magu, Mohammed Idris, and the appointment of Amini Zakiri, said to be a cousin of President Mohammed Buhari, there is already a clear sign that the elections will not be free and fair.

The clergyman, said in a statement that the retention and appointment of these persons in strategic positions, shows the desperation in which the Buhari All Progressives Congress, APC has to cling to power.

“There is no doubt that the present administration of APC and Buhari is desperate to remain in power through direct and imputative rigging. There is no plan by the present administration to conduct free, fair and credible elections that is the reasons why all the electoral umpires are from the same region, religion and family.”

The statement stated that from the body language of the Nigerian police and the Economic and Financial Crime Commission, EFCC, they are out to fight, kill and frustrate opposition parties, especially the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, pointing out that Nigerians do not need prophecies to know that APC wants 100 per cent of the election to the chagrin of the masses and opposition, whereas the ruling party has no good plans for the country.

“It has been very clear that EFFCC and police are out to fight, kill and frustrate opposition party members, most especially PDP.

“Nigerians do not need prophecies to know that APC wants to 100 per cent rig the elections to the chagrin of the masses and other political parties.
“Buhari and APC do not have any good plans to deliver Nigerians from sweating. Hence, the Predident Buhari openly told the entire world and people of Nigeria in particular at Uyo, the capital of Akwa lbom state, that we should be ready to sweat before we can eat in 2019.”
Bishop Nmalagu frowned at the statement of the president, and concluded that with his body language, he has appointed his people into positions where they will help him win the elections through massive riggings, most especially as the judiciary has lost its working power.
“Already, the judiciary has lost its working powers since Magu is the EFCC chairman used in fighting the Judiciary and legislature as means of putting fears in their minds.”
He called on Nigerians to rise and protect their rights, arguing that if they allow the election to hold with the present combination, the country may be thrown into anarchy.

Bishop Nmalagu, said that the APC government through the Tradermoni policy is already involved in vote buying, with the distribution of N10, 000.00 to market women, which they started in the eve of the Osun state Governorship Election, after keeping the masses in perpetual hunger.
“APC and Buhari have so much kept the masses in perpetual hunger, poverty, hardship, joblessness and hopeless conditions that they see now as the right time to throw crumbs at the poor masses to give them support and further make us to keep sweating which the president has promised Nigerians as he and APC rigged themselves back to power.
He condemned the endorsement of the president’s second term by the Mayetti Allah, and the planned operation Python Dance, ahead of the election, as he said the Python Dance is specifically put in place to start intimidating the masses.

“The lies of the present administration that things are getting better in Nigeria economically, security wise and infrastructurally in the speech of the president at Uyo clearly means that the best solutions Nigerians need now are to be ready against all plans of APC and Buhari to rig the elections by ensuring that Python Dance is not allowed, Amina is not allowed to be the collation commissioners, ldris is retired accordingly, replaced by an officer from another zone.
He said that for all this to be possible, a free and fair election, that the country needs prayers along with physical intervention.

“We need prayers and physical interventions now, to prevent the dooms that will befall Nigeria and her inhabitants as a result of the evil arrangements to rig the elections.”

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