Deconstructing Buhari’s ‘militocracy’ Presidency in a Democratic era


Mr. Hugo Odiogor.

By Hugo Odiogor

For anyone who experienced the manifestation of General Muhammadu Buhari’s 20 months military administration from 1984 to August 1985, there is nothing is new to what he is offering in the past four years
His Zombie supporters may spill their blood to retain his power for the next for years, based on his vain promises and obstinate presumptions that there is an Eldorado at the end of the tunnel.
The plain truth is that “you do not give what you don’t have. ”
He said he was a poor man and four years he so impoverished Nigerians, Nigeria took over from India as the global capital of poverty. It is a great campaign item. He needed to tell us how he achieved that and how he intends to put his one track minded followers what awaits them in the Next Level.

The Leopard and its spots

I was in my third year in the University when Buhari came on December 31, 1983, He told the world that his administration would not tolerate kickbacks, inflation of contracts and over-invoicing of imports. He made clear that he would not condone forgery, embezzlement, indiscipline and other forms of misuse and abuse of power.
Coming from the background of political rascality that we experienced from 1979 to 1983, Nigerian political elites played into the hands on a cobra that was waiting to strike.
Frustrated Nigerians especially members of the opposition party, workers, the media and civil society groups, welcomed him with open arms.
But when he was sacked after 20 months in power, it was gory images and catalogue of woes that Nigerians saw in the misery that was associated with his administration. It was alarming, to say the least. His human rights record was appalling.
General Ibrahim Babangida who toppled Major General Buhari said he was too rigid and uncompromising and “Efforts to make him understand that in a diverse polity like Nigeria, dealing national issues required recognition and appreciation of differences in both cultural and individual perceptions, only served to aggravate these attitudes. ”
In his four years in office as a democratically elected president, General Muhammadu Buhari has not changed. Rather he continued with his despotic ways of doing things. What we have seen is a Bolekaja President. The word FIGHT, hold special appeal in his ears. He wants to CRUSH everything, real or imagined.
Nigeria has become a huge battlefield where all opponents and dissenters must be crushed.
On his way to coming to power in 2015, Gen. Buhari had presented himself as a man of integrity and discipline military and the officer who did not soil his hands in public service. His promise to fight corruption struck a chord with the masses who saw him their Messiah. Unfortunately, he failed woefully as he became selective, vindictive and nepotic, his main backers are looters themselves. His supporters are unyielding, combative and intolerant as they can be, on any issue that does not favour Gen. Buhari.
They are ready to pull down the roof on any group, organization or individuals that hold contrary views to theirs. The US, UK and EU are the latest in the list of their foes.
The likes of Bill Gate, TI, IMF, the World Bank have incurred the wrath of Aso Rock for expressing critical views on the performance of President Buhari.

Failed Promises

It has failed to keep its promises to bring the naira to the dollar, bring down the pump price of petrol to N45 per litre, created 2,000 jobs per month, etc. It is reported that over 12.5 million persons have lost their jobs since 2015. The poverty base has widened, hunger is ravaging the land, the spate of insecurity took a new dimension with the emergence of Islamic jihadists posturing as herdsmen Boko Haram maintains effective control of 17 local government areas in Borno state. The national economy is still in a recession.

Endless Wars

The blood of dogs and baboon must flow if Buhari is not the winner of any election. Foreign observers would return to their countries in body bags if they ” meddle with our internal affairs. He has fought El Za Zaki, Sambo Dasuki, Bukola Saraki, Walter Onnogene, etc

He must “fight” for people to notice his influence, power and authority. He has to fight the war against indiscipline, a war against corruption, a war against political agitators, war against real or imagery opponents, war against other arms of government, war against wealthy people, a war against the mass media, professional body. The latest is his unfolding war with the international community. Gen. Buhari has turned the whole country into a battlefield with such war games as “Operations Python Dance, Crocodile Smile ” to intimidate the populace, but specifically, his opponents.

INEC and Credible election

The signpost to the 2019 general election is littered with dangerous booby traps. Former president, chief Olusegun Obasanjo and other former heads of state and statesman like Gen. Abdulsalami Abubakar, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida, Gen. T. Y. Danjuma have urged INEC to create a level playing field for all the contestants but this has not been the case.
There are already apprehension over the preparations of the Yakubu Mahmud led INEC over issues of under aged voters,,use of impostors dressed as security agents to perform electoral dues, poor distribution of election materials in the strong hold of opposition parties, malfunctioning of card readers in the strong hold of the opposition parties and declaration of pre- election results, using security forces to intimidate agents of opposition parties to endorse the figures
From all indications Gen. Buhari is preparing for war, especially, if the does not favour him. He is plotting how to use his control of INEC and security agencies as well as the judiciary to rig the election and cling on to power, just like other despots in Africa.
The abysmal performance of the Buhari has left the most die hard supporters of APC, apprehensive that the ruling party
would suffer resounding defeat in a free, fair and credible electoral contest, it

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