Our needs at Issele-Mkpitime, by Chief Ugbolue; felicitates with Okowa, Nwaobi for re-election victories





By Chukwudi Abiandu and Patrick Ochei

The foremost needs of the people of the sleepy but agrarian town of Issele-Mkpitime, in Aniocha North Local Government Area of Delta state are water supply and internal roads, according to a notable leader of the community, Chief Henry Ugbolue, the Ekwueme of Issele-Mkpitime.

Chief Ugbolue made this know when he visited the member representing Aniocha North in the Delta State House of Assembly, Hon. Emeka Nwaobi, an engineer at the latter’s official residence in Asaba.

Felicitating with Nwaobi for his well deserved victory and return for the second term, Chief Ugbolue described the lawmaker as a lion who dared the unchallengeable and conquered the seemingly unconquerable thereby changing the erstwhile political template of Aniocha north in a manner that has brought equitable progress to the local government in so short a time. “Congrats, you are a warrior,” Ugbolue told Nwaobi.

Besides coming to congratulate Nwaobi on his re-election for the second term, Chief Ugbolue said: “As a community leader, I am interested in what Issele-Mkpitime would benefit from. My politics is basically local. Don’t forget Issele-Mkpitime . We don’t have water; we depend on rainfall to survive. Our community is agrarian, our people need irrigation, and our land is fertile. We can create multi-millionaires in Issele-Mkpitime using agriculture.”

Praising and commending Hon. Nwaobi for the great influence he brought in making the Issele-Uku-Issele-Mkpitime deplorable road now very well done and motorable, Chief Ugbolue, a journalist and communication expert and the Ekwueme of Issele-Mkpitime said: “You have helped us to get a good road, but we need water and internal roads.

He declared: “I have come to congratulate you my brother, on your victory. I have also come to tell you not to forget Issele-Mkpitime in your agenda for the next dispensation. We are very proud of you in Issele-Mkpitime for understanding our pain and giving us a major road that is so dear to us.

“However, we are appealing for internal roads and water specifically. Do it for us and your path with Issele-Mkpitime will become like that of the river that never runs dry.

“Honourable, you are a man of your words; we trust you and believe in what you can do. You are a good man who was brought up decently. You are also a lion in fights; that is why God led you through all the journeys against the indecent people with larger number in Aniocha North.

“One thing I must advise you my brother, you have begun on a very good and remarkable note, you must keep it up. Please continue to do that with paramount interest for the people and God will always be there for you.”

Chief Ugbolue explained that as a lion and great fighter, he would have come with a sword to present to Hon. Nwaobi as a mark of respect, but pointed out that the world has evolved and that the pen has become mightier than the sword. Thus he had to travel all the way to America to buy special and symbolic pens for both Honorable Nwaobi and Governor Ifeanyi Okowa.

Accordingly, brought out a well packaged pen and presented to Hon. Emeka Nwaobi, asking him to always use it when he wants to write Issele-Mkpitime, so as not to forget Issele-Mkpitime in his programmes and projects.

He also presented another pen, asking Hon. Nwaobi to help transmit it to His Excellency Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, the Governor of Delta State; also as a mark of honour for making Deltans proud with his landslide victory.

Basking in the joy of Chief Henry Ugbolue’s visit, Hon. Nwaobi introduced his parents to the man whom he called a true brother.

Nwaobi recalled the enormous support that Chief Ugbolue accorded him, told his visiting parents from America that he had never seen a man like this. He narrated how he (Ugbolue) supported him financially in the first election, while also mobilizing his people of Issele-Mkpitime for him during that election.

He said Ugbolue did not stop there as he always made monetary contributions to any of his empowerment programmes.

“In this very 2019 election too, he not only gave me money, he also was around for the election and helped to supervise my election in Ward 5 Issele-Mkpitime. In fact, he ensured that those who came to snatch ballot boxes never succeeded.

“I am proud of him. He has shown me love and above all, making our relationship go beyond friendship; we are now brothers. And in all of this, he is not asking for anything personal. I see him as a progressive constituent to work with, in our resolve to move Aniocha North to the next positive level”, Nwaobi affirmed.

On the request made by Chief Ugbolue, Nwaobi assured him that he would immediately send water experts to Issele-Mkpitime to do a general survey on how water project can be sited in the town.

Moreover, the elated father of the Honourable Member, who previously celebrated his 86 birthday anniversary, prayed for Chief Ugbolue and blessed the friendship that has matured into brotherhood between him and his son.

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