Birthday note for MC 2Things, Edirin Obada


Edirin Obada, 2Things in celebration mood.

Great men are known by the depth of their passions and what fuels their commitment towards the achievement of set out goals.

The ability to stand against the odds, hope against hope and believe in the genuine motives that can set society on a pedestal of advancement, tends to speak beyond the sands of time.

When such men are identified, celebrating them comes as noteworthy and timely, as it also serves to inspire faith, hope and persistence in positivity. celebrates a personality of note, a pioneer in every sense, an entertainment entrepreneur, a father, husband, a trusted ally, a Deltan and a Nigerian; as he adds a year to his age.

Happy Birthday to MR EDIRIN OBADA aka MC 2THINGS.

Wishing Him Many Happy Returns, and a fulfillment of the number of his days by the Most High God Jehovah. By Ikechukwu Chukwudi


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