Okowa Victory Concert: The backstage, a panorama of unity, the Delta spirit


Governor Okowa with some artists at the Concert.

By Ikechukwu Chukwudi

The long awaited Okowa Victory Concert has come and gone, however the truth of the dexterity invested in managing and making it an outstanding success would be talked about for a time to come. Of course, thanks to the professionalism and commitment of the organizers: Mr Edirin Obada (2things), Hon Rita Daniels, Mr Dave Ogbeni, Harrysong, Baba Dee and their comrades-in-arms, we can once again be proud of Deltans and their ability to produce good results.

Aside the beautiful ethnic mix of the individuals that made up the LOC of the Event, one noteworthy area was the closeness, appreciation and mutual respect shared amongst Delta State entertainers. For those who witnessed the event from inside the hall, the free flow of performances and presentations which combined to give the result of thorough entertainment was easily obtainable. However in instances where people put up appearances for public showmanship, the awkwardness in the event of such occurring would be sure to dampen the spirit of the celebration.

From the privileged view from backstage personnel, it is safe to say that there is indeed such a thing as THE DELTA SPIRIT. From a pre-assessment/anticipation for a star studded event of this magnitude, there would have been concerns over issues of pride, ill-treatment or just plain over-sized ego tripping. The Nigerian entertainment scene has not been without its scandals especially lately, however, the atmosphere and aura at the backstage lounge was thick with unity, mutual respect, understanding and closure.

At each point in time more than one Artiste was left in the lounge, the atmosphere was lit up with the ambiance of brotherhood, so forceful that no amount of sternness and highhandedness of fierce looking bouncers could dampen it.

From Efe to Erigga, through Orezi, I Go Dye, Harrysong one could understand why Delta is always distinguished and continues to remain an envy to sister states. The flow of elderly respect for, between and amongst senior industry practitioners also carries nostalgic memory.

I will do my readers a little favour by recounting an incident that brought a smile to my face. At about some minutes to nine, a Honda car drove into the compound and stopped at the front of the Artistes Lounge, a dread wearing light skinned fellow alighted from the car and in seconds made his way towards the artistes’ entrance. In a matter of minutes later same person returned back the same route and made his way towards the lounge. At this point, the likes of Erigga, Orezi, Sami, Efe were chilling and engrossed in their discussions when the fair skinned veteran musician Oritz Wiliki walked alongside another big game player, Opa Williams. Into the modest room they went and as children who learnt respect, the younger musician stood up, bowed their heads in respect, held outstretched hands supported at the wrist by their free palms in reverence and honor to the two senior entertainers.

The wealth generated from music today dwarfs the fame and repute earned in the yesteryears of the music industry, nevertheless the young Delta artistes swam in humility and respectfully related with their seniors.

More surprising is the ambience of a reciprocation of that respect related back to the youngsters. It was a moment that should teach those privileged to have witnessed it and inform those who read. Mutual respect breeds unity and healthy competition.

Music maestro, Mr Harrysongs, Nollywood actors like Dave Ogbeni and Zubby Micheal also displayed measures of humility that can only but inspire young and upcoming wannabees who sought to have a feel of their favourite artistes, Rolemodels and motivators, amidst tight security and stringent protocol.

The Concert has given a reference to a kind of unity that is expected to exist amongst Deltans, irrespective of tribe, Territory and language. This unity is something beyond the delineation of political partisanship and emphasizes genuine appreciation for the individual talents of Deltans, while also promoting professionalism, capability and hard work.

If only backstage pictures were taken, perhaps the picture would have been painted much clearer.

I think kudos should go to the organizers for pulling this one off, I can tell that it wasn’t easy at all, but the pressure was managed appropriately.

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