PDP debunks alleged financial recklessness, accuses APC of hate speech, media trial of Okowa


The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Delta State has described as hate speech and media trial of Governor Ifeanyi Okowa by the All Progressives Congress (APC), decrying the party’s attitude of not wanting to see anything good being done by the administration.
A statement by the State Publicity Secretary of the PDP, Dr. Ifeanyi Osuoza accused the APC of inundating the social media at every wave of the imagination, with hate speech and media trial of the governor disseminating unintelligent press releases that cannot stand the test of logic and analysis.
Find below full text of the PDP statement by Dr. Osuoza.
08th January, 2019


The All Progressives Congress (APC), Delta State is at it again, with its hell bent and unflinching disposition never to see anything good being done by the go-getting administration of His Excellency, Senator, Dr, Ifeanyi Okowa, Governor of Delta State.

At every wave of the imagination, the party inundates the social media with hate speech and media trial of the Governor, that it calls Press Releases, but statements which observers have called unintelligent, and that cannot stand the test of logic and analysis.

How else should the tantrums of such a party be described; a party that must enter into a fit of bad temper just to labour to attempt at scoring a cheap political point that is senseless and worthless.

In its latest hysterics entitled: “Your Government is Financially Reckless – Delta APC slams Okowa,” the party whose propaganda machine is handled by people without capacity, intelligence and comprehension says that it is accusing Governor Okowa of financial recklessness. Haba APC?

Is this not the same party that instigated other cheer leaders to institute name calling by singing the chorus of Ego aria, a vernacular reference to the prudent handling of resources in the State by the Okowa administration at inception following the financial down turn of the State. It did not matter to APC to recall that the APC-led Federal Government of President Muhammadu Buhari announced to a bewildered nation that the country was in recession. No! But it pleased those behind the information that is designed to mislead in their mischief to turn derisively and mock the governor as one that is frugal and not spending money.

Is it not laughable that the APC is now pretending not to see advancement, boost, momentum, motion and growth speaking across Delta State? What the APC prefers to misinform the people about is reference to a so-called “financial recklessness.” It refuses to see and acknowledge the fact that Delta has become a huge construction site.

APC, out of sheer impishness, will not see that a major work has been done in Asaba with the storm drainage work to check once and for all the flood menace situation.

The party will not see the need to give the State a befitting State Secretariat or that the gargantuan edifice for a State Secretariat project on Maryam Babangida way, Asaba ranks in every way as a land mark project, and just to mention only one of such projects that dot the State. It does not see that hospitals and health centres are springing and located everywhere across the State, to bring quality healthcare to the people. No, it does not believe that money is being spent to upgrade roads, educational institutions from basic, through secondary and tertiary.

Through the Warri-Uvwie Development Agency, the State government has already awarded contract to two notable construction companies to replicate the success story of the Asaba Storm Drainage Project (especially in the Okpanam Road axis and environs) that has since eased the flood challenge in the areas. Warri and Uvwie axis are to undergo similar Storm Drainage Project work to address the flood situation in the oil city and adjoining areas. Will anyone in his right senses call effort to ease Warri of flood menace reckless spending? Maybe APC should be told that the projects are not being paid with sand but with money.

APC should be told if they lack understanding, that the many diverse construction works across the State has kept hitherto idle and unemployed able-bodied men to be gainfully employed with ability to fend for themselves and family. Thus keeping such idle hands that would have become devil’s workshop busy thereby reducing crime rate in the State. This is besides the other multiplier effects that have made Delta State a delightsome destination of the throng of men and women from all walks of life coming to take advantage of the economic growth and business boom now being experienced as a result of the enabling environment created by the Okowa administration.

As a way of exposing the deliberate acts of evil in the mind of those behind APC’s mask of mischief, it is important to inform and educate them about the strategic wealth creation and provision of jobs initiative of the government for all Deltans, a part of the, SMART agenda and building a Stronger Delta vision of the government.

This programme amongst others has seen the taking on of and passing out of trainee batches under the Youth Agricultural Entrepreneurship Programme (YAGEP) and Skills Training and Entrepreneurship Programme (STEP). The various programmes speak of the policies, activities and programmes of the Okowa administration of job and wealth creation scheme to enable the hitherto unemployed participants become gainfully sefl-employed.

For emphasis sake, the first set of YAGEPpreneures and STEPpreneurs were unveiled on January 14, 2015 at Songhai Delta, Amukpe and went through a week-long training. After which the total of 771 trainees passed out successfully and were equipped with starter parks to start their own business. Needless to state that the various programmes for youth employment have been replicated and continued to be replicated since 2015, with beneficiaries happy and excited about the new lease of life as gainfully, self-employed persons with potential to create employment for others. Indeed, many of them have since become employers of labour.

Of course, APC will also close its eyes to these but will in its usual monkey business always cry wolf where there is none, using the twin vehicles of hate speech and media trial to want to unsuccessfully try to sway the people’s mind against their beloved, hardworking and go-getting Governor, Senator, Dr., Ifeanyi Okowa, Ekwueme of our time.

Deltans must understand that there is no truth in APC’s so-called Press Release; it is the animosity of a people with bad temper.

For us in PDP Delta State, we are resolved like Chinua Achebe’s creative narration of the saying of Eneke the bird, that since men have learnt to shoot without missing, he has also learnt to fly without perching. We shall meet APC press release for press release till we completely expose their bad manners and bring their incurable appetite for mischief to the understanding of every household in Delta State.

Dr. Ifeanyi M. Osuoza
State Publicity Secretary,
PDP, Delta State.

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