How Nigeria will overcome its challenges, says cleric


Rev. Fr. Kingsley Ferdinand.

By Franca Ofili
A Catholic priest, Rev. Fr. Kingsley Ferdinand, has enjoined Nigerians to intensify their prayers, saying this is the only way the nation will overcome its challenges
Ferdinand, the Associate Priest at St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, Nyanya, Abuja, gave the advice at a Mass on Sunday.
“Children of God, raise your prayers level that you may see new dimensions of God’s power in the country.
“Nigerian should pray to God for him to bless and answer our prayers,’’ he said.
Ferdinand cited Chapter 15:721-28 of the Gospel of St Matthew where a woman in Canaan asked Jesus to save the life of her daughter.
He said because the women intensified her prayers, Jesus answered her and healed the daughter.
According to the cleric, prayer remains the only “advantage in the midst of any disadvantage,” adding that people should trust and have faith in God.
Ferdinand also advised Nigerians to remain faithful and hopeful that with intensified prayers, Nigeria would become the dream of its citizens. (NAN)

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