Petrol price hike: Consumers chide labour leaders over poor response


By Ambrose Ologide

Some concerned consumers in Uvwie and Warri Local Government Areas have condemned Nigerian labour leaders over their poor response to the incessant hike in pump price and other issues affecting Nigerian workers and the masses.

They made the condemnation in an interaction with our correspondent while reacting to the planned meeting of Sunday, November 22, 2020 between the Federal Government of Nigeriaand the Nigerian Labour leaders over the recent increase in pump price.

One of the respondents, Chief Akpojotor Adjarho, noted that the Nigeria labour movement was more focus, responsive and stronger during the military era when there was no democracy.

He recalled that in those good old days, there was consultative meetings between the federal government and Nigeria labour leaders before an increase in the pump price was pronounced.

“Today, the reverse is the case. Of what use is the meeting when the federal government had taken its action?” he queried.

Another respondent, Felix Abayomi, posited, saying: “Unionism in Nigeria has died since the days of Late Pa Imodu, as he noted that issues affecting Nigerian workers and the masses then were not compromised because labour leaders then were not on the payroll of government.”

He said that present day Nigerian labour leaders were insensitive to workers plights, claiming that they fed fat from government of the day.

“That is why they (labour leaders) are wealthy. Unlike in the days of late Imodu who died a poor man because he was not used as a rubber stamp by government of the day,” Abayomi stated.

He said that the meeting would not serve any purpose, adding: “It is like putting the cart before horse. The Nigerian labour leaders are going to the meeting to plead for a reduction on the price of pump price.

“This should not be the case in a democratic government; the labour leaders should be the ones to dictate and not the Federal Government,” Abayomi posited.

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