Uvwie monarch restates DTSG’s ban on ‘deve’


HRM Emmanuel Sideso,Ovie of Uvwie Kingdom.

By Ambrose Ologide

The Ovie of Uvwie Kingdom HRM Dr Emmanuel Sideso, Abe 1, has emphasized Delta State Government’s ban on extortion of monies from developers otherwise known as ‘deve’ in the state.

The traditional ruler restated this in his proclamation in the settlement of dispute in Etche ‘ R Ugboroke (traditional administrative unit) in Uvwie Kingdom at his palace in Effurun, on Saturday January 24, 2021

“Collection of levies or ‘deve’ is prohibited. The state government has repeated this several times. However, communities can raise fund for specific events or projects by appealing to individuals and corporate bodies for donations, “he stated.

On his proclamation on the issue of whether or not Ugborijo Community should be in the traditional administrative unit of Ugboroke, he declared that Ugborijo Community is in Etche ‘ R Ugboroke and further emphasized that Ugborijo is not an autonomous community in Uvwie Kingdom.

“The objective and / or philosophy for creation of etches in Uvwie Kingdom is for traditional administrative convinence and not sharing of land or dispossessing of anyone or group of its legitimate ancestral lands or properties ”

“HRM the Ovie of Uvwie Kingdom at all times holds lands in trust. In Uvwie Kingdom, families own their lands and I will abide by that policy, “he added.

He also assured that any chief can seek traditional chieftaincy title through his family in any Etche if he so wishes to do so.

Abe 1 however added: “This application could be considered where such vacancy exists.”

Speaking at the event, the Unuevworo (traditional mouth piece) of Ugboroke Traditional Administrative Unit, Chief Dennis Omovie, hailed the Uvwie monarch for his wisdom in settling the dispute to the satisfaction of all.

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