THE DEBATE – Fred Akpewe writes Deltans on 2023 guber, says it’s equity, not rotation


Mr. Fred Akpewe.

By Fred Akpewe
Dear Deltans,
Nearly a year ago and at a time when it was yet early to canvass a successor for Dr Ifeanyi Okowa, I mentioned that the issue of successor in 2023 will not be based on rotation. I reasoned that equity rather than rotation would take the centre stage. Recent events are beginning to play out in that direction. I cautioned that if Delta Central insists that it is their turn based on power shift the state will become a theatre of war. I made my remarks irrespective of any tribal sentiment more so since most of my childhood friends are Urhobos.
Many injustices cannot birth justice. Delta state was created out of the old Midwest Region. Of all the former Regions only the old Midwest region is relegated to two states. Others have six each while the South East has 5.Further down the Delta South Senatorial district has three distinct tribes of Isoko, ijaw and Itsekiri with their languages almost mutually unintelligible.
The geographical location of these three littoral tribes are spread in such a way that they are not even contiguous. In contradistinction, the Urhobos of Delta Central share cultural and linguistic affinity while the Aniomas in Delta North share same. It is in this light that one must situate the Delta South dilemma which cannot accept the logic that Dr Uduaghan’s 2007-2015 represented the Political aspirations of Isokos and Ijaws.
The Ijaws and the Isokos deserve the 2023 Governorship more than the Urhobos who have tasted Governorship for 8 years and even for two years earlier under Felix Ibru.It is left for the Isokos and the Ijaws to negotiate on which ethnic nationality should go first.
This is my idea of equity and Justice.DC-23 is courting more enemies and friends and no matter how well they embellish their quest in flowery language their method is not pan Deltan.
To coast home very quickly Senator James Manager to me is the surest PDP bet for victory. If the PDP makes the tragic mistake of presenting an Urhobo candidate out of sentiment, the APC will make a mince meat of him. I write not as an oracle but as a student of history with deep insight.

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