EDITORIAL – Terror Threats: Ban Miyetti Allah Now



Banneronlinenews calls on the Federal Government, Nigeria Police and other security agencies not to take the jihadist threat of the group that pretended to be faceless, but which introduced itself as Fulani Jihadist and “Fulani of Usman Dan Fodio leadership” lightly.

It is clear from archival records that the agenda of the Fulani militants, which is co-ordinated by Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore led by Bellow Abdullahi is to forcibly impose its will and take control of the space called Nigeria.

Of course, the group had severally declared that it is the birthright of the Fulani to superintendent over the landmass known ad referred to as Nigeria. It had never pretended nor relented in its pursuit of this degenerate agenda.

Accordingly, it has formed itself into diverse Fulani militia groups, with tentacles spread across the North and Southern states, committing heinous crimes with AK 47 rifles, destroying farmlands with their cattle, raping, kidnapping, committing acts of banditry, overrunning communities, killing indigenous owners of land, burning homes and taking over communities.

In Delta State, this band of intemperate marauders, just as they do in other states where they have spread to, take over large portions of bushes in communities from where they operate with impunity in a manner that leaves no one in doubt that they have the power of life and death; threatening indigenous ethnic groups and stakeholders, while also, constituting themselves into arrogant merchants of violence and mischief. Their aim is the territorial conquest of the so called unfinished jihad began by their fore father, Usman Dan Fodio.

It is therefore not a surprise that these band of terrorists are not relenting in the agenda set by their parent body, Miyetti Allah, which has displayed lawlessness by openly declaring that it will not respect the decisions of Southern governors banning open grazing in the region.

Banneronlinenews holds that there is no other way to define lawlessness and the display of utter arrogance against constituted governments. We aver that the group that issued a 72-hour ultimatum to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa to rescind his government’s decision banning open grazing in the state or face the consequences of planned attacks on Asaba and Agbor and Delta state is not kidding.

We therefore call attention to the nefarious activities of Fulani herders in other states, including Benue State and how they have constantly unleashed mayhem on the people of those states after ultimatum given to unban open grazing by herders or risk the herders’ continued onslaught.

The bloodthirsty bandits have not only made good their threats, carrying out daily raids and murders across villages in Benue State, they at some point became so daring as to directly confront Governor Samuel Ortom in his farm.  He only escaped through divine providence.

It is against this backdrop that we call on the Police, security agencies and the Federal Government not to treat the threats of this murderous group lightly. It must not be handled with kid gloves.

Our fears are not assuaged by the tame response and declaration of the Delta Police Command, which described the threats as ordinary and coming from miscreants.

Indeed, knowing that Delta no de carry last, we commend and declare support for the reaction from the militant group, MEND, Nationalist father, Chief Edwin Kiagbodo Clark, and other groups from Delta that have openly warned the vicious and cruel Fulani jihadists to stay away from Delta or risk more than equal retaliation should the death of any Deltan be traced to them, or should any property or installation in Delta State be destroyed.

It is our strongest contention that in other to put an end to the continuing dysfunction that Miyetti Allah represents and checkmate its mission for territorial conquest, using various Jihadist bodies to cause mayhem in Nigeria, that it should be declared a terrorist group and banned in Nigeria.

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