Nwaoboshi enjoying Okowa’s political scholarship, says Aniagwu

Nwaoboshi enjoying Okowa’s political scholarship, says Aniagwu

Delta State Commissioner for Information, Mr Charles Aniagwu has said that the Senator representing Delta North Senatorial District, Senator Peter Nwaoboshi rode to the Senate on the political craftsmanship of Governor Ifeanyi Okowa.

Speaking on Arise Television NewsDay programme monitored in Asaba at the weekend, Aniagwu said Senator Nwaoboshi was a selfish politician who never cared for the interest of the people he represents.

He stated that the people of Delta North voted for Nwaoboshi because Okowa appealed to them to support him for the party’s sake.

According to Aniagwu, Senator Nwaoboshi having realised that he can no longer enjoy the political benevolence of Okowa, decided to jump ship despite his suspension by the party.

“I am happy you said that he is in a rift with the governor, the governor is not in a rift with him.

“But what I can tell you is that everybody who is a Deltan and understands the political equation in Delta will tell you for free that Senator Nwaoboshi is in the National Assembly on the political scholarship of Dr Ifeanyi Okowa, otherwise, there is no way he would have been in the Senate.

“He knows that deciding to dump the PDP or leaving the PDP even after he had been suspended by the party, meant that he can no longer contest the position because he knows that even if he contests that position, everyone in Delta will tell you for free that he will not win.

“And that’s why i said that he is on a Political scholarship and so, having abused that scholarship, be rest assured that he is not going to enjoy it again.

“We didn’t want to discuss about him, but since you asked the question, let me tell you that for about six years that he has been in the Senate, he has never taken up issues that affects our people to heart in either communicating or legislating in the hallow Chambers of the Nigerian Senate.

“You do know that herdsmen who are armed have had course to disturb a number of communities, not only in other parts of the country, but also in Delta and particularly Delta North that he represents.

“He has not for once been able to inform members of the hallowed Chambers the need for us to tackle such issues. There are a whole lot of other issues, the issues of agitations in the creek on account of not being given a reasonable percentage in terms of what is to come in respect to the Petroleum Industry Bill.

“He has not been able to raise his voice to speak in defence of his people. The only thing that he is crying is because he has seen that as it is, he just wanted to enjoy that scholarship again. But we feel as a people, some of us believe that the governor should not extend that scholarship given to him.

“We are not disturbed that he left the PDP, we wish him well and we just do hope that wherever he finds himself in this political equation, that he is able to do what will serve him and possibly anything that will serve our people, we welcome it.

“We don’t hold anything against him, we don’t begrudge him but be rest assured that he knows that he will be wasting his money by the time he decides to go and pick up form, because he does not have what it takes to win any election in Delta North Senatorial District,” he said.

On the focus of the cabinet in the remaining part of the administration, the Commissioner said they were committed to helping Governor Okowa finish strong and deliver on his promises to Deltans.

“During our inauguration a few days ago, the Governor made it very very clear that its important for every one in the cabinet to avoid complacency and hit the ground running.

“He asked all of us to ensure we take decisions no matter how hard, we should be able to serve the interest of the people, so am personally convinced that coming back will be able to ratify our focus for those of us who where privileged to be in the dissolved exco.

“For those who are coming on board am also quite convinced that they clearly understand the direction of the government having been in the state for the past 6years.

“The administration has performed creditably in building institutions and in ensuring that the number of our youths are gainfully employed through different job creation platforms and of course all these we expect to gain more ground.

“So coming from this background, members of the exco will strive to ensure that the Governor finishes strong and the vision for Stronger Delta is realised,” Aniagwu stated.

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