Bestial men abduct 13-yr-old girl in Warri to Ghana, tie her hands, inject, turn her to sex machine for white clients

Indignation was fully on display on Monday when the parents of a 13-year-old girl that was kidnapped in Warri by unscrupulous and mindless elements who smuggled her to Ghana and turned her into sex machine to satisfy the libido of their clients that included white men.

The under aged girl, now in intensive care at the hospital from the effect of the wicked violations on her, her private part torn and carrying a pregnancy is with doctors who are battling to restore her health.

Mrs. Lovette Gold Taiwo, girl's mother with journalists. Middle is her husband, Mr. Ismaila Mustafa Taiwo.
Mrs. Lovette Gold Taiwo, girl’s mother with journalists. Middle is her husband, Mr. Ismaila Mustafa Taiwo.

Narrating their heartbreaking story at an event put together by the 05 initiative in collaboration with the Government of Delta State to mark the 2021 16th Days Activism Against Gender-Based Violence with the Global theme – Orange the World: End Violence Against Women,” and the Delta State theme: “Deltans Together Against Gender-Based Violence,” the girl’s mother, Mrs Lovette Gold Taiwo said she had given her daughter money to quickly run to a nearby shop to buy food items for her sibling only for the girl not to return. Hours passed, days, weeks unknown to them that she had been kidnapped.

Just as the search for the girl continued, a day came after about one month in November 2021, someone called their attention to the fact that the girl had returned. The mother said they rushed to the place only to see their daughter almost lifeless where she was dumped, her private party torn, smelling, and dripping with fluid. She was in pain.

They carried her quickly to the hospital where doctors began to administer medications and later discovered that she is pregnant. Thereafter, a report was lodged at the police station after the girl momentarily regained consciousness and narrated how she was kidnapped and taken to one William 69 Hotel, Street, Warri.

The girl was quoted as saying that her kidnapper, one Mudiaga, now in police net, smuggled her to Ghana and because of her resistance they will tie her hands, inject her and thereafter men were brought in to take turns in a sexual assault, leaving her at the mercy of her kidnappers who collected money from the men including white men.

A furious Dame Edith Okowa, wife of the Governor of Delta State and Founder of 05 Initiative who could not fathom what would make people reduce themselves to such bestial and despicable level to commit such depravity was full of pity and concern for the little girl and the trauma that the parents had been through as a result.

Dame Okowa presented a package, which she said was from the wives of governors, and a cheque to Mr. Ismaila Mustafa Taiwo, his wife, Lovette who are   parents of the girl to assist the family in the treatment of their daughter.

Pastor Edewor Egedegbe of the Value Rebirth and Empowerment Initiative in collaboration with officials of one Love Community Development both based in Warri had been working with the parents of the girl to get justice, narrated how the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) at ‘A’ Division Warri, showed nonchalance to every prompting on him to take action by ordering investigation and effecting arrest of the suspects.

Pastor Egedegbe lamenting the unbecoming attitude of the DPO said: “from 11 a.m. to 5p.m. the DPO was nonchalant, refusing to pick calls made to his telephone. It was his PA that he gave his telephone to answer. When following much persistent calls and he decided to pick the call, the DPO said: ‘What interest do you have in the matter?’ “

The girl’s mother also narrated how policemen at the station demanded for N15,000 before they could move to perform the duty for which they were employed, adding that it was officials of her daughter’s school who paid the N15,000 before the policemen could act.

The wife of the Governor who was visibly displeased with the narratives and the indecorous attitude of the DPO and his men promised to take up the matter with the Commissioner of Police and that Delta State Government.

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