Gov. Okowa is a political genius, says Nwaham

Gov. Okowa is a political genius, says Nwaham

Mr Iwemdi Nwaham is an astute grassroot politician, public affairs analyst, reverred community leader and educationist. In this exclusive interview with Ika Mirror, Nwaham talked on vital issues, including his reasons for leaving All Progressives Congress,APC for Peoples Democratic Party, PDP._

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*May we meet you sir ?*

My name is Iwemdi Nwaham. I hail from Umunede, in Ika North East LGA of Delta State. I was born in Bauchi in Bauchi State on 12th of February, 1957. My father was a federal civil servant in the northern parts of Nigeria for a long time. I began my primary education in the north and returned to my place of origin Umunede, at the onset of the Nigerian civil war in 1966.

Back in Umunede, I completed my primary education in Catholic Primary School No. 1, now Ukpehoro Primary School, Umunede in 1967. I proceeded to St. Columbas Grammar School, Agbor, for my secondary education from 1968 to 1972 where I obtained my Secondary School Certificate. I immediately proceeded to St. Patrick’s College Asaba from 1973-1974 for my Higher School Certificate, HSc. Between 1974 and July 1977 I was engaged as a teacher in St. Georges Grammar School, Obinomba by the then Bendel State Government.

I left teaching when I got a telegram from the University of Ibadan conveying reminder of my admission into the Faculty of Agriculture. I graduated in 1981 with a Second Class Honours Upper Division in Fisheries Management. After the mandatory National Youth Service year which I served out as a Lecturer in the Nigerian Institute for Oceanography and Marine Research, Victoria Island, Lagos, I returned to Ibadan for my Master’s degree in Agric Economics, a programme I completed in record time from November 1983.

In 1985, I was employed as a Lecturer in the then College of Education, Abraka, into the Faculty of Agriculture. I resigned my appointment that same year in search of more lucrative challenges in the private sector. I have varied work experiences in oil and gas, agri-business, banking, telecommunications, courier services and broadcast journalism sectors of the economy. I publish the community newspaper called, Ika Light.

I like to pride myself as a thinker, a critic and a commentator on national issues. I am now a full time politician and a fish farmer. I speak Ika, English, Hausa and Igbo languages fluently. I am married to Mrs Uju J. Nwaham and between us we have four children.

*For several years you were at the forefront, where you agitated for a better Umunede in terms of political and economic development. At the moment, are you satisfied with the level of development in Umunede?*

The straight answer is that I am not satisfied, comparatively speaking. And it will be interesting to know what are the causes of the “relative underdevelopment” of Umunede and who is to blame.

Time was when Umunede was a force to be reckoned with in Ika politics, nay Midwest and Nigerian politics. But no empire lasts forever. I am going to spare your readers the details. Suffices to say that when Umunede began to lose relevance in political scheme of things, they felt aggrieved and fell back to their community to brood and sulk and express their bitterness in several ways. They cut off dealings and collaborations with neighbouring communities. They variously expressed their bitterness in writings. I was one of those who wrote stinging lampoons against our perceived enemies, whether individuals or communities. I am sure that your question here alluded to this.

Delta Governor, Senator (Dr) Ifeanyi Okowa, right, with Mr. Iwemdi Nwaham.
Delta Governor, Senator (Dr) Ifeanyi Okowa, right, with Mr. Iwemdi Nwaham.

But almost thirty years on, I got wiser. President Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, in the 1950s once told Africans, “Seek ye first the political kingdom, and everything else will be added unto you”. It began to dawn on me that there are political structures through which economic development ensures. If you are not part of the political structure, you will not be there when economic benefits are being negotiated.

For instance, if you are not the chairman of council, you are not a supervisory councillor, you don’t have people in the House of Assembly, House of Reps etc, when resources are being negotiated you will not be there. Similarly, when it is election time, your community delivers less than commensurate votes to the party that eventually wins, in your LGA, your state, the country, you can be sure that you have shot yourselves in the foot. Perhaps we will have opportunity to elaborate on this subsequently.

Umunede parted ways with reality and failed to calm down to see reason. After so many years of crying wolf, I became wiser. And that time is now, fortunately or unfortunately.

*What informed your decision to leave All Progressives Congress, APC and join Peoples Democratic Party, PDP?*

I will break that question down into two parts namely, “what informed my decision to leave the APC? Secondly, why was the destination PDP? My response for the first part is rather long; I hope you can accommodate it.

Firstly, APC was founded on a very solid foundation and very solid merger talks and the persons that formed the party at that time were quite honourable people. Asiwaju Tinubu was there as the grand rallying point. Buhari was there, and all the leaders of the various parties and factions of parties that were involved, (5 of them) were there. At the beginning in Delta state, Senator Pius Ewerido anchored the discussion on behalf of Delta state, and all of a sudden, he died.

Olorogun Otega Emerhor then stepped in; he was really persuaded to step in because the financial involvement was huge. The first Hundred Million Naira cheque on behalf of Delta state was doled out by O’tega. Subsequently, he gave another Hundred Million Naira and so, he was regarded as the leader of APC in Delta state.
In the whole of Nigeria, he was the first person to contest an election under the party’s banner and that was the by-election to fill the vacancy created by the demise of Pius Ewerido in 2014. That election was won by PDP’s Hon. Emmanuel Aguariwodo and O’tega now concentrated on just building the party.

In 2016, Chief Ogboru and Senator Ovie Omo Agege came to meet O’tega that they want to join APC from the Labour Party. O’tega took both Chief Ogboru and Senator Ovie Omo-Agege to Abuja to meet with the then National Chairman of APC who was Chief John Odigie Oyegun, and they were accepted into APC. But no sooner had they come into APC than they refused to be part of the structures they met on the ground and began to form a parallel structure. And between 2016 when they came in and 2019, they edged out O’tega because coincidentally then, Tinubu began to insist that he does not want Oyegun as National Chairman and pressurised Buhari and the party to accept that Oyegun must go. They appeased him and Oyegun left and Oshiomole came in.

We all know the damage Oshiomole did to APC.
After inheriting about 26 governors, when he was kicked out, only 19 were still APC governors. He was really a “bull in a China shop”. He dragged down virtually everything before he was eased out and one of his trail of destruction, was Delta state APC. We held our state congres in 2018 and Chief Cyril Ogodo emerged as the state chairman of the party. Cyril Ogodo was sworn in as Delta State Chairman of APC by Oyegun along with 32 other chairmen across the country. But when Oshiomole came in, he refused to deal with Ogodo, refused to recognise him, and about then, Omo Agege’s plot to have his own structure played out well for them.

Prophet Jones Ehrue who was being propped up as an alternative state chairman of the party was recognized by Oshiomole and he started dealing with Prophet Jones, ignoring the one that was duly sworn in by a legitimate national chairman of the party. That was where I belong, so we suddenly found out that we were outside the structure of the party. I then knew that “the beginning of the end” had set in for me in APC.

For the second arm of the question, “why was PDP the destination?” I will itemise the following:
I knew I had to leave APC in 2019 so I asked myself where I was leaving to? With my broad knowledge, I found out that two major parties bestride the world of politics the world over. There would be other parties but it’s just two that will be major. Examples abound in Ghana, South Africa, and the USA. In the UK, you have the
Labour Party and the Conservative party. In France, you have Emmanuel Macron’s party and Marie L’Pen’s party. In the United States, you have the Democrats and Republicans.
So, I looked at the two major parties in Nigeria, it was the APC and the PDP.

Secondly, I looked at the ruling party in my state, Delta. It is PDP. They’ve been there since this political dispensation. I looked at the crisis in APC. There were many big leaders in 2017, I told you of O’tega. There were others like Dr. Cairo Ojougboh, Engr. Victor Ochei, Festus Keyamo SAN, Dr. Mrs. Nnaemeka Alli, Alex Ideh, Chief Great Ogboru, many people you can call leaders. A all of a sudden, it was only Omo-Agege that was left under “fratricidal” circumstances. He claimed to be in charge. How is the party going to win elections with only one man pretending to be in charge and the rest are “disgruntled”? How are you going to confront the octopus, PDP? I didn’t give them a chance to unseat PDP.

The third point, and very crucial to me, is that the governor of the state is from my place. My place is Ika North East LGA. For so long, I have been antagonistic to him and anything he represented. At that time I was playing politics, just being emotional about things, refusing to recognise the good things Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa was doing and his gradual but steady climb to the top. Then all of a sudden, the spell fell of me, and I said look, I have to play this politics henceforth with my head. If really all these indices point to the fact that this is where to go, then fine. I will just go to the man, apologise to him and then plunge yourself into his works. These are the things, in a nutshell, that pushed me to PDP.

Then, a few other things justified the fact that I have made a good choice. Two of them are; Parties needed to pick their
governorship candidates. Of course, Chief James Ibori who was once a governor of Delta State, had his candidate, and he is very well respected in the party in the state. The incumbent governor and current leader of the party in the state said he wanted an open contest, and everybody who is seeking to be the party’s flag bearer, should contest and somebody emerged who is not Ibori’s candidate. That was an indication of the changing dynamics of politics in the party. That did not lose significance in me.

Then again, the national convention came, where Gov. Okowa emerged the vice-presidential candidate of the party. These things now told me that I really did not make a bad choice to pitch my tent with him; I made a very good choice.

*During the ceremony that marked your official defection from APC to PDP, you said your decision was prompted by your admiration and recognition of the achievements of Governor Ifeanyi Okowa. What if Okowa leaves PDP tomorrow will you leave too?*

This is a tricky question but easy for me to answer all the same. Firstly, it is a hypothetical question that has no factual basis of occuring. Secondly, people have berated southerners who have gravitated to PDP for daring to suggest that after 8 years of Buhari a Fulani man, that another Fulani man by name Atiku dates to vie for that office again. I tell them that there are two scenarios and two choices for me, what is happening at the federal level, which is of less significance to me and what is happening at the state level which is of paramount focus for me.

For too long I have jubilated over political victories at Abuja but what affects me more and indeed all Deltans is what comes out of Government House, Asaba. If Okowa moves to another party and I distill the chances of that party winning elections in my local government and in the state as very good, I will move with him. The man is just a political genius.

*You are known for your courage, bravery, intelligence and political analytical prowess, as a result many people wanted you to challenge the PDP decision of not allowing your kinsman and the member representing Ika North East Constituency at the Delta State House of Assembly, Hon Anthony Elekeokwuri to contest for a third term in office just as his colleague in Ika South, Hon Festus Okoh did?*

Thank you for this question. It gives me the opportunity to enlighten my people of Umunede and to pay glowing tribute to a man I have come to call Junior Okowa. First, if a political leader has emerged in your fold and you do not realise it, then you are a moron. Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa has emerged not only as a political force and godfather in our local government and indeed in the state, he is now a moving train and will crush almost anybody in the state, who stands on his way.
Anyone who does not realise that must be a compound nincompoop.

Okowa is now, albeit, to a lesser extent, in the mould of Asiwaju Tinubu who will tell a first term governor that you will not go back for second term and he delivers it with precision. If you don’t realise that, then you are an idiot.

Why would I challenge “the decision of not allowing my kinsman…Hon. Anthony Elekeokwuri to contest for a third term…?” First, Hon. Elekeokwuri took the right decision by abiding by the party’s decision. His decision is correct in many ways, some of which I have alluded to above. Secondly, I cannot cry more than the bereaved. Thirdly, what structures do I have in place to challenge that party decision? All the delegates that would vote in the primaries, how many did I install? How many of them did the virulent critics of Umunede origin, writing lampoons and diminishing the chances of cooperation for Umunede with the neighbouring communities, install?

Can Umunede, standing alone, win anything in their LGA, outside the installed political structures in the constituency? Is it just to write and keep writing from emotions, without using the head and do some political arithmetic?

Look at what happened to Dr. Philip Okwada of Agbor, who sought the party’s ticket to contest the 2023 election to the House of Representatives. He was roundly beaten and disgraced at the primaries by a man who has been there for twelve years and wants a fourth term. We all know the details. Ordinarily, every person who looks at the statistics would say, ah, let Ika South produce the next person. But the political genius, who has done his homework very well, did not need to feet much.

Some political octopus controls the levers of politics in our land and you must respect that. And it did not happen over night. It took time, following the political time table from time to time, assembling the building blocks one by one. You can only go against such a formidable “German machine” at your peril.

And as I have come to see the game of politics, you invest in it legitimately to gain certain controls and privileges. Do you know what the Speaker of the House of Representatives controls? Let us highlight only the number of cars, running into hundreds, if not thousands. Then think of the number of drivers that would be employed, the number of staff they recruit? A first timer to the House of Representatives can never be Speaker. Ahmed Lawal the Senate President has been there since 1999. So too is the current Speaker of the House of Reps, Femi Gbajamiala.

I have not been told, I have not heard it anywhere but I have thought of why there could be the insistence of having Hon. Victor Nwokolo seek a fourth term and it is not too far from the above reason. He is a ranking member of the house. If the PDP wins the presidential election, (forget the chances for now, it is not part of this discourse, let’s look at the fact that somebody is thinking far ahead, when many of us are dozing and snoring) can you see that the chances of a Speaker coming from our backyard become so close and real? It is only the position of Vice President, which we also have under that arrangement, that can scuttle it. But some people are thinking. That is my amazement.

Now, Elekeokwuri quietly aligning with the party decision and the very calculating way he has handled some troublesome situations (which constituents of his immediate community would have pushed him into headiness and confrontation) that could have brought him into collusion cause with the party and his bosses, has made me nickname him Junior Okowa.

I recall the difficult situations Dr. Okowa found himself when he contested the primaries with Dr. Uduaghan about 17 years ago. Many difficult scenarios were consciously put his way. If he had showed poor judgement at any time then, would be have been here today? But he navigated them all, skilfully. I’m sure the answer to your question can be teased out in this long narration.

*What is your assessment of Hon Anthony Elekeokwuri? Has he been able to fill in the gap for Umunede, a kingdom which before now was not favoured politically?*

Until I heard him speak on television and radio, I never knew that he had sound education and had excellent communication skills. When I met him, his humility and respect disarmed me. I now knew why he has been able to attract the much he has brought to our community. The hostile climate created by a few people from his Umunede, writing biting lampoons against him, against his party and against the person of the governor of the state, are enough to encourage those who allocate resources of state to construct the flow of resources to our community.

Then you look at the number of votes our community gives to the ruling party during elections, it disarms your representative is banging the table along with others that have delivered votes, when resources, vacancies, projects are being scrambled for. But Inspite of the discouragement, Hon. Tony Elekeokwuri has done so well.

It is when people do not know the above background or insist that whether we vote for PDP or not, that we have 17,000+ votes, so they should not shortchange us.
The question is, “how many of your votes went to the party to win”? If smaller communities, with far less votes, deliver more to the ruling party, how have you empowered your representative to fight and bring the so called dividends of democracy? With his calm mien, respect for seniors, consumate team player skills, the Umunede town that was visibly not favoured previously, is now accommodated on discussion tables at the state level. He has the confidence of the governor of the state, to share in sensitive details of state. What more can be greater. And if the integration process continues, more will certainly follow.

With the current acrimony in PDP, do you still see the party emerging victorious in the forthcoming gubernatorial election in the state?

The brouhaha in the party, emanating from the party primaries to produce the flag bearer of the party to contest the next general election, is quite unfortunate. And many analysts are being shallow in their dissection of the issues. But the simple way to look at it is to judge whether it is right or even fair for a former godfather of the party in the state to continue to dictate who the next governor should be? He did it for who succeeded him (the first generation). He did it for who succeeded the person that succeeded him (the second generation), even though it was not without a bruising fight. He now wants to do it for the third generation). Where will it end? And the incumbent governor is saying, let’s have an open, free process. What is wrong with that?

On the rancour surrounding the person who emerged winner, by name Hon. Sheriff, it is again quite unfortunate. My only defence is that knowing Gov. Okowa to be a detailed person, it is highly unlikely that he did not do his due diligence. All this storm will soon settle. My advice to Deltans is to repose more confidence in their governor and trust him to deliver an unpoisioned chalice. With all the brazen looting of the state’s coffers in the past twenty years, that are still being tracked in foreign lands, we should not support stooges that cannot resist the capricious nature of some godfathers.

*How is your relationship with Ika North East PDP leaders?*

I don’t know who specifically you are referring to and what you want to get at. But in the process of my soujourn to get into the party, I have talked with Dr. Kingsley Emu. He is a friend and a very respected member of the party in the LGA. I have also talked with the senatorial chairman, Delta North, Hon. Moses Iduh in September last year before I lost my elder brother. He advised on certain steps to take. I know very well Chief Godwin Ogadi. He was the first person that mentioned my plans to defect from APC to the governor, according to the governor himself. Need I mention Hon. Tony Elekeokwuri (laugh)?

There are many more leaders up there in the LGA. I am sure that a forum will be worked out to formally present me before them. That is very important, for general acceptance and proper functioning.

*Can the PDP presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar survive the growing level of support for the Labour Party, LP presidential candidate, Mr Peter Obi by Nigerians?*

The “growing level of support for Labour Party and their presidential candidate Mr. Peter Obi” to quote you, is a phenomenon that should be properly situated for proper understanding. Peter Obi has been saying the right things that suggest that he understands the problems of this country. And many people, tired of the way this country has been messed up by President Buhari singularly, find in Peter Obi some fresh breeze.

The things he says resonate with our youths and with the older Nigerians alike. But many things are already appearing wrong with his campaign:
First, he is beginning to come across as talking too much, so soon. Campaigns will officially commence in September this year but he is all over the place at home and abroad, talking too frequently and repeating the same things. As a result, he has exposed his flanks for bashing.
Secondly, he presents himself as having solutions to all developmental challenges. But he doesn’t have to have the solution to all ailments. All he needs, is to be able to put together a good team.
Thirdly, from his Anambra state, is coming the most virulent criticisms of him. Soludo has ridiculed him and advised him not to “Labour in vain”. Senator Ekunife has lambasted him saying where is he going to pass? Similarly, other big politicians in Anambra Dr. Ngige, Chris Ubah, etc have pooh poohed his quest, that he does not have a single councillor, so who will deliver him?

Look at the elections in Ekiti state and Osun state, just think for a while that Labour Party won those elections? The direction of the momentum would have been orchestrated to high heavens as “ordained by God”.

But truth is, Obi is saying the right things, however, his time is not now. Elections in party politics requires some basic ingredients. In Osun state one of the excuses from Labour Party is that they did not have party agents in all the polling units and so, the voting process could have been compromised at some point against them. And yet when they were told of structure, the mocked the idea with the response that all workers, students, unemployed, pensioners, etc are their structures. This is election in one state o. Now imagine the scenario in February 2023 when about 32 states will be hold elections at the same time.

There are some organic tentacles Labour Party must have, on ground and in the ground, to be able to constitute a threat. With what is going on now, I am afraid they are just rabble rousing across the country.

*Umunede was won in the 2019 general elections by the then APC, House of Representatives candidate, Mr Sebastine Okoh. Again, Sebastine Okoh is contesting, though this time for the State Assembly seat in Ika North East Constituency. Don’t you think he will win Umunede for APC a second time?*

You media people, sometimes are part of the spirit leading some people in the wrong direction. You have made an issue out of Hon. Sebastine Okoh winning only one Ward out of 26 wards in the Ika federal constituency (14 in Ika NE and 11 in Ika South). Is that anything to glamourise? I think the question should be what I think about Hon. Sebastine Okoh of Umunede, throwing his hat into the ring to contest the House of Assembly seat in our local government area?

Straight away, let me tell you that Sebastine has shown poor judgement this time around. In 2019, we were all euphoric when he came into APC from PDP. He was young, tall, good looking, humble, extremely respectful, talked well and softly, possessing good communication skills. His English was sweet to listen to and had good supply of personal funds. So decamping from PDP because he was refused right to contest the primaries with Hon. Victor Nwokolo, who sought a third term then, we said that the right ingredients had been thrown up by the “devilish PDP” to unmask the big masquerade and make him know that he is not super human after all.

Sebastine stirred up a whirlwind of a movement across the federal constituency. The youths rallied around him in their numbers across all wards, or so we thought. The old too were for him or so we thought. I was part of it in a big way. He had just left his post as the Executive Assistant to Gov. Okowa on Entertainment. He used the musical rallies he organised across the Ika federal constituency and indeed across the state to good effect. The boy backed it up with good money. Umunede backed him to the hilt. Ika was agog. But when the results came, SABA na BABA won only the Umunede Ward. He lost in 25 other wards, albeit with varying margins. The starched guinea brocade that some of us wore just went down amidst imaginary heat and sweat.

Three full years of pensively brooding over that experience ought to have brought out good lessons and learning for Sebastine. But it seems to me that the young man has learnt nothing. When results of that election were coming out, what many of us said, including myself was, _Okowa eze eh o_ (Okowa strong o), _Okowa eji’ ihia_ (Okowa bad person), _Okowa eze kemeke_ (Okowa too strong)… Even the recent primaries to pick the ticket between Dr. Philip Okwuada and a third termer, Hon. Victor Nwokolo confirms same.

Now, in the run up to 2023, this same Sebastine that was pulverised in the 2019 election, wasting so much money running into hundreds of millions of naira, has not only come to square up with a sitting governor’s party but with the a sitting governor’s daughter. And people, especially from Umunede, are urging him on. In Umunede, people who tried to talk Sebastine out of contesting any further elections in 2023 were mobbed on social media.

First, Sebastine wanted House of Representatives. He beat a retreat based on his party’s order. That would have been it. But we understand that he was again ordered to go for House of Assembly. It is poor judgement by him and every person that urged him on, especially from Umunede. In the end the casualty will not be himself alone but his Umunede too. If this is the only battle Gov. Okowa will fight in his political life, he will throw everything into it. But this is not a fight for the governor at all. Sebastine won Umunede in 2015. Watch out what will happen in 2023. He has exhibited very poor judgement.

My candid advice to him is to think back to 2014 when he came into APC, the kind of outpouring of affection he had. Let him remember that he also was well liked in PDP when he was with them. The Member representing Ika NE in the State House of Assembly told me how he virtually hand held Sebastine in PDP and moved him around, up the rungs, and they all loved him, including the governor himself. But when he obstinately insisted that he must challenge Victor Nwokolo for the house of reps contest, he became _”fly wen no hear word…”_. In our environment, there is a godfather. He has built his structure. Challenge him to your chagrin. That’s all I have to say.

*As a PDP faithful, can your party’s State Assemby candidate, Barr Marilyn Okowa-Daramola be able to match the popularity of Sebastine Okoh in the 2023 election?*

I have said so much in my response in the above question that provides my answer to this one. Let me just add that the popularity of Hon. Sebastine Okoh is like the famed popularity of the “Obidient man”. They don’t translate into electoral victor. In Sebastine’s case, we are one homogeneous community in Ika federal constituency. But there is a clear political godfather. Refuse to recognise that and suffer the consequences. A godfather is one that tells a sitting governor that you will not go back for second term and he delivers as pronounced. So it is in our case, there is nothing untoward about it, nothing out of the ordinary. If you work your way up, you become one, using legitimate levers of state.

In Peter Obi’s case, he has opposition in all segments of the heterogeneous Nigerian state, even in his Anambra state. Yes he is very “popular”, yes he is saying the right things, yes the misrule of Buhari and his party APC has popularised Peter Obi, but his popularity is VIRTUAL, in the air, not tentacled inside the ground. He may get to the presidency some day, but not now, not in 2023.

*Do you have message for Umunede people, Deltans and Nigerians at large?*

For Umunede People: This is the time to tell them to get sensible and get smart. And I am in a very good position to tell them so. I am a reference point for what many of them are doing now. And when you want to desecrate the wisdom that God in His infinite mercy has given me now, and continue to muddy the waters, we will continue to suffer.

Since many elders have failed to arbitrate and rein in the younger ones, to allow an atmosphere that will enable the present political office holders to negotiate favourably for the town, I am ready to be that arbitrator. But juniors must know that they are juniors and learn to respect government and constituted authorities across board. It is the African tradition.

For Deltans, waiting to jubilate for who wins at Abuja, if it is not tied to who you know physically and who you can reach easily, it is not the right way to dissect who to support in the presidential race. Vice President Osinbajo is from a community. While those of us from Delta will be viewing him as a distant person, there are people who take him as their own and can reach him anyhow. Let’s support where Gov. Okowa is Vice President.

For the nation, we have never come close to a disastrous end as a nation as now, and no thanks to Buhari and his party APC. The security architecture of this country is in the hands of one ethnic group. Major sensitive appointments in the country are also in the hands of the same ethnic group. Talks about state police for instance and restructuring is what we need now and what must be implemented for this nation to survive and begin to prosper. But the dismantling of the stranglehold of the parasitic ethnic group that has brought us to the brink cannot just be done in one fell swoop and by anybody.

The product of my pensive brooding over time is that, it will take someone from the stock of the oppressors, to say to his people, enough is enough. Someone broad-minded person, not an ethnic bigot or an ethnic irredentist like President Buhari. If you recall how apartheid South Africa was dismantled, it took a Frederick de Klerk, a Boer, to do it.

I have no doubt in my mind that history beckons on Alhaji Atiku Abubakar now.
Obi’s time will come in the future. In 2023, without a governor, a senator, a house of representatives member…few councillors if any, he will be humiliated out even if the social media structures so much taunted about by over zealous lovers of the man, continue to make the man feel he is the next president of this country. I am in no doubt that he will not be in 2023.

* Culled from Ika Mirror.

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