UPU appeals for aid to flood victims

UPU appeals for aid to flood victims


The Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) appeals to the Delta State Government to urgently set up Internally-Displaced Person camps (IDPs) and provide much-needed relief assistance, emergency shelter materials, and other mitigating services to the displaced and vulnerable victims of flood-affected communities in Urhoboland.

The UPU notes that the ravaging floods have taken over communities of Urhobo in Ughelli North, Patani, and Ughelli South Local Governments. Communities affected by this catastrophe include Uwheru main town, Oro-Ohoro, Ogode, Agadama, Ohoro, Owarovwo, Ophororo, Ode, Oreba, and Avwon, among others in Ughelli North; Odorubu and Uduophori in Patani Local Government; and Ewu-Urhobo town, Gbaregolor Federated Communities, Okwagbe, Esaba, Ophorigbala, Ofrukama, Olodiama, Omosuomo, Otutuama, Iwhregun, Umolo and other areas in Ughelli South Local Government Area.
These floods have destroyed ancestral homes/private residences, properties, farmlands, farm produces, valuables and livelihoods. Hundreds of our people have relocated or sought refuge with friends and relatives within and outside the State. The Monarch of Uwheru Kingdom, HRM Simpson Sapele Obruche, Odion r’Ode of Uwheru, even had to relocate from his palace to another part of town due to the rising flood water.
However, due to the absence of IDP Camps across the affected Local Government Areas, some of our people, who have no place to go, are roaming or wandering from place to place.

Some victims now sleep in the open, and other vulnerable locations, with no security, social, medical, psychological, or infrastructural support. For example, victims from Uwheru and other flood-stricken areas are in make-shift tents and shelters along the Ughelli-Patani expressway and other roadsides in the affected local government areas.
Our traumatised people need immediate help. We face a humanitarian and health crisis with no immediate action taken. We, therefore, appeal to the Delta State government to help mitigate their suffering by establishing adequate and equipped IDP camps in the affected Local Government Areas.

We also request adequate relief materials, water supply, food, mosquito nets, and medical, social, security, and psychological support and services for our affected fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, and children.
We call for concerted efforts from the Federal Government towards alleviating the suffering of our displaced people by supporting relief efforts with funding and the necessary equipment to help victims cope, including the deployment of relevant Emergency Relief Agencies like NEMA.

UPU further appeals to public-spirited individuals, relevant stakeholders, corporate bodies, friends of the Urhobo Nation, International Aid Agencies, and the Organised Private Sector to assist our vulnerable people and families, many of who lost everything to the floods.

We also urge unaffected Urhobo communities, pan-Urhobo clubs, and groups to be our brother’s keepers by coming together to support our people in their distress.

Lastly, the UPU extends its sympathies to the communities and families of the victims of this devastating occurrence. We extend our heartfelt condolences to those who may have lost their loved ones to the floods, and we wish anyone injured a speedy recovery. Be assured that our thoughts and prayers are with you, and we pray for an early return to normalcy and comfort.”

National Publicity Secretary,
Urhobo Progress Union

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