PERSPECTIVE – Ashes in their mouth

PERSPECTIVE – Ashes in their mouth


By Chuks Iloegbunam

Shame is their name.
They act unpardonablly shamelessly.
Their gang boss has two words he chants like mantra:
He claims unmerited democratic credentials. His persuasion in not progressive.
His owl eyes are swollen, his lips are puffs, his gait is trembling. Don’t go to the areas of his limbs that are like kite in windswept dryness.
For sacrificing the children of others he beckons childlessness.
For sending in harms way those in need only of a meal, pincers are at the ready for his tonsils.
His louts are using tippex to falsify figures.
But his rejection is all too obvious for he lost even in his bedroom and he lost on his street and he lost in his town of origin that he holds in disdain.
Those unable to walk are paying filthy lucre to be carried thousands of miles to a presidency they don’t deserve.
Their waking up will be into pitch darkness, they and their accessories to treasonous national swindle.
Their bloated lips fail to shield the entrance to their gullet that is full of ashes.
We stand to be quoted.

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