PERSPECTIVE – Wike: The unwholesome Nyesome goes South again!

PERSPECTIVE – Wike: The unwholesome Nyesome goes South again!

By Norbert Chiazor

There is a viral video of Governor Nyesome Wike dancing over the heavily flawed Presidential election of February 25, a national tragedy that has broken millions of hearts across a troubled nation.

In the realm of power politics in Nigeria, the Rivers state governor is a study in extremities.Loquacious to sickening excess,he talks loose and threatens off guard. He is bashful and bullish. Power corrupts.Absolute power is monstrous.

Ever since Wike lost the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Presidential primary to Atiku Abubakar on Saturday May 28, 2022, he has been endlessly embittered,with all manners of invectives, cajoling and crying.

The River state governor parrots southern presidency after Mohammedu Buhari.But it is a smokescreen.A ruse so fake. How did Peter Obi leave PDP? A man who plotted unimaginable intrigues to frustrate Obi out of PDP cannot claim to be fighting for southern presidency.

Nigerians can recall that in one of his publicity-obsessed botched presidential campaigns, at Awka, Anambra state ,in April 2022, Wike had warned about Obi, in coarse sarcasm:

“We should tell ourselves the simple truth. I know where he would win, but this one, Mba! Mba! It’s not available at all”.

Wike would turn around in fair -weather embrace to host Obi in Port – Harcourt,as LP presidential candidate.A man of serpentine duplicity. Blowing hot and cold in veiled mockery of power shift to the South .How hypocritical.

An unapologetic bigot who uses every podium to insult and denigrate Igbo inhabitants as terrorists in Rivers ,has no justification to pontificate about equity and justice.

Later in the Rivers state capital, Wike was seen prancing and panting before Bola Tinubu, an absurd meeting which kept tongues wagging about the real motives with the self styled Jagaban, notorious for his campaign gaffes and mumbo-jumbo theatrics.

So head or tail,it is all about Wike’s bruised ego and internal survival. His anti- party antagonism where he is fixated with throwing alarmist tantrums at PDP, is self serving not any populist intention.

Wike is no advocate or sympathiser of South nay Igbo, by any stretch of affiliation or action. Who is he deceiving? If Atiku had offered him VP ticket, would he have rejected it? Who is the pretentious betrayer of the South?

Here is a struggling lawyer who turned politician,to gain sudden fortune and fame, thanks to PDP. Today he has turned against the source that nurtured him to relevance,in a calamitous ingratitude.

A deluded emperor who thinks that power is forever,oblivious of the transience of time and season.

Characterise Okowa any which way you like, the man is emblematic of decency. Neither his speech nor body language, incenses ethnic,sectarian or partisan cleavages.A well-groomed medical doctor who tames his tongue and temper.

Like every mortal, he has traducers but his tale is palatable to the majority in multi -ethnic Delta where he has earned a legacy of history, service and integrity.

Rising as the first elected Delta governor of Anioma origin,he is highly educated, exposed, accomplished ,and will never live in infamy.

Given the number 2 political office in Nigeria, his knowledge and civility would have helped to unite a nation ,so diminished and divided.But God owns all human circumstance. He knows the beginning and end of everything.

Thank heavens I voted for Atiku/ Okowa ticket.

I am still standing by Okowa.

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