PERSPECTIVE – Omo-Agege, Ima Niboro and the Delta APC misadventure

PERSPECTIVE – Omo-Agege, Ima Niboro and the Delta APC misadventure


By Friday Ewiwilem

It is indeed true that a drowning man clutches at a straw no matter how hopeless he might be. This is exactly the case with Senator Ovie Omo-Agege the governorship candidate of the Delta State All Progressives Congress (APC) and his clay footed Director of Communication and Media Strategy, Ima Niboro, disgraced presidential spokesman, failed House of Representatives aspirant and timid graduate of EFCC detention center. The desperation and frustration of the duo was established in a press release by Niboro titled “IGNORE OKOWA, PDP CAMPAIGN OF CALUMNY AGAINST APC, OMO-AGEGE” dated 8 March 2023. In this inebriate release, Niboro struggling to maintain his servile status as Omo-Agege’s media attack dog, struggled so hard to ascribe his master’s bad press to Governor Okowa, Hon. Oborevwori and the PDP. We understand that Omo-Agege has hired Sunny Areh to replace clumsy Niboro under whose watch Omo-Agege’s public image plummeted to point zero.

Niboro must therefore write anything even if it is codswallop to retain his job.
Niboro should look elsewhere for the source of Omo-Agege’s badly tarnished reputation. Omo-Agege is simply having his day in the court of public opinion.

To begin with, Omo-Agege it was who started the campaign of calumny against Governor Okowa and the PDP by making utterly false claims against the man who is among the three of Nigeria’s best governors of his generation. Omo-Agege told lies upon lies and hired minions like Niboro to propagate his lies. But for each finger he pointed at Okowa, Oborevwori and the PDP, his other four fingers pointed at him. And whenever he looked at the mirror to look at those who destroyed Nigeria including Delta State, he sees himself and the APC.

Niboro talks about Omo-Agege’s sterling records. We are forced to ask, where and when? Sterling records of a mace thief, of a man who broke into government offices to steal financial documents even on Sundays? Sterling records of a man who stole N80 Billion meant for roads in Edo and Delta States, of a man who stole 200 million naira meant for palliatives, of a man who stole pipeline surveillance money? Sterling records of a man who stole money meant for 48 projects in his Orogun kingdom between 2005 and 2007? Sterling records of a man who extorted contractors in Delta State to the extent that the helpless contractors had to flee the State? Sterling records of man who bribed the Delta Unity Group and other political groups with N10 billion? Haba, Niboro needs to go back to school to understand what sterling record really means.

Niboro joining Omo-Agege in his broken singsong, accused Governor Okowa of dismal performance. Only Omo-Agege and Niboro do not know that Governor Okowa is one of the best three governors in today’s Nigeria. Just to mention a few of his achievements: 1, 900 kilometers of roads, three new universities, best and most ultra-modern public building in Nigeria, nine new state of the art technical colleges, best health insurance scheme in Nigeria, over twenty bridges, leisure village, hosting of Africa’s most prestigious sports fiesta, provision of security, creation of employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for over 2 million women and youths, construction and upgrading of schools and hospitals in Delta State, regular payment of workers’ salaries every month unfailingly, etc.

Besides Lagos, which APC governed state matches Governor Okowa’s records of achievements? The APC states owe salaries for months, sack workers and are insecure. The APC states are a replica of the doom that the APC has brought upon Nigeria.

That is why Deltans have rejected Omo-Agege because they know that he represents the doom that is the APC. Omo-Agege accuses Governor Okowa of borrowing, yet the same Omo-Agege as Deputy Senate President has approved over 30 trillion naira loan for Buhari. Omo-Agege is accusing Governor Okowa of betraying the South by running as vice presidential candidate. Well, Okowa did that to redeem Nigeria. But Omo-Agege actually mobilized for Senate President Ahmed Lawan during the APC presidential primaries so that he could run as his vice presidential candidate.

So what is Omo-Agege talking about? Did he not direct all Delta APC delegates to vote for Lawan during the APC presidential primaries?
Deltans know better and they have rejected Omo-Agege, an ethnic bigot who does not want Deltans of other ethnic nationalities to govern Delta State. It is his hatred for other ethnic groups that has made him to contest for governorship in every election since 2006 because he doesn’t see the Ijaw, Isoko, Itsekiri, Ndokwa, Aniocha or Oshimili people as having equal stake in Delta State. He is disdainful of the rotation arrangement that has brought fairness and equity to Delta State.
Niboro is finished professionally and he needs to earn his pay from Omo-Agege hence his daily fights with the other social media rats in his master’s kitchen. Deltans know better and they have rejected Omo-Agege in the court of public opinion. This rejection is a prelude to the ultimate rejection coming up on Saturday 18 March.

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