PERSPECTIVE – 2023: Call for a paradigm shift in Delta Media Industry

PERSPECTIVE – 2023: Call for a paradigm shift in Delta Media Industry

By Ruke Edjeren

Deltans are some of the most blessed and talented individuals in the media business in Nigeria. There is no leading media house in the country that is not completely dominated by Deltans, it does not matter where you come from, be it Delta South, Delta North or Central the talent shines out like diamonds.

The electronic media, the print media and even the new media has Deltans in the forefront, blazing the trail of modern digital applications in the media.

But despite the domination by Deltans in the Nigeria media industry, it is shocking that same excellence exhibited by us in other shores have not been replicated here in our own state . Where then are all the talents?

The media industry in the state, is in a state of comatose, run by ( with sincere apologies) those who would have been professors in other fields of endeavour.

It is true that it’s not everybody that  can be a soldier, not every smiling girl can be an Air hostess or every interested person a nurse, likewise not everyone who speaks queens English or write beautiful prose is a media man.

This has been the albatross of the media business in Delta state. These young men and women who run the industry found their brothers and sisters excelling in far away lands in Benin, Lagos, Abuja, Jos, Kaduna, etc and felt that they could replicate the success of their brothers in the state. The result is the near non functioning broadcast and print media establishments in Delta state.

Various past governors have made attempts to revive the industry in the state, but improper advice and direction has led to millions of naira going down the drain with nothing to show for it.

Dissatisfied, our leaders have looked towards Lagos and Abuja with the likes of Arise TV, Channels, Ait, Tvc to drive home their information machinery, but the shortfalls in that direction is filled with tragic consequences, as noticed during the recent campaign for 2023 elections when we suddenly discovered we had no vehicle to drive home the laudable achievements of Sen. Dr Ifeanyi Okowa.

It’s time to get things right in the media in our own state. it’s time to set up a media committee to revamp Delta broadcasting service and Pointer newspapers. There is no reason why Delta Broadcasting Service should not be on DSTV in this age. The milking should stop now. I have been in Isoko, Ezon , Itsekiri, Ikaland and everybody is worried why they cannot hear from Asaba. We can unite our people and only the media can.

We thank God there are men still alive to do a total shake up and set the Media industry in the right direction.

This should be a major direction for Rt Hon Sheriff Oborevwori as he hits the ground running come May 29.

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