FOR THE RECORD – DTHA 7th Assembly valedictory session: Oborevwori’s speech

FOR THE RECORD – DTHA 7th Assembly valedictory session: Oborevwori’s speech

DTHA 7th Assembly in session.



Honourable Colleagues, my mood this morning is similar to the popular quote by William Shakespeare, “Parting is such a sweet sorrow”. I am deeply  touched   by  the   heart   warming   speeches   of   Honourable Members. However, everything that has a beginning, has an ending.

  1. Today, together we are berthing a Legislative journey we started on the  10th  of June, 2019. Though, the sail was  not free from occasional challenges,  overall,  it  is  a  successful  tenure.  With  a  heart  of thanksgiving to God Almighty, I congratulate all of us for making it to the end of the tenure.

3.  Unfortunately, some Colleagues we started the 7th Assembly with are no  more with  us today. We lost Hon. Tim  Kome Owhefere and  Hon. Kenneth  Edafe  Ogba  to  the  cold  hands  of  death. Please let  us  observe  a minute silence for the continued repose of their souls. “May the souls of Hon. Tim Kome Owhefere and Hon. Kenneth Edafe Ogba continue to rest in the bossom of the Lord, Amen” .

  1. Distinguished  Colleagues,  I owe all  of you  a  debt of gratitude for finding me worthy and electing me as Speaker of the 7th  Assembly. It was a tough decision for you, especially, as my tenure as Speaker of the 6th  Assembly just ended. In unison, you voted for me overwhelmingly and   stood   by   me   throughout   the   tenure.   Your   commitments, cooperation and dedication to Legislative duties ensured we succeeded together.
  2. The 7th  Assembly was anchored on building a strong representative institution   that   collaborated   with   other   arms   of   government   in delivering good governance to Deltans. To achieve this goal, we opted to build capacity of Members and Staff, and provided a conducive work environment.
  3. In the course of the tenure, Members, Management and Staff were trained locally and in some of the best Institutions in the world. These Institutions include:

(i) Nigerian Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies (NILDS), Abuja;

(ii) Administrative Staff College of Nigeria (ASCON), Lagos; (iii) Center for Management Development (CMD), Lagos;

(iv) Industrial Training Fund (ITF), Benin and Portharcourt;

(v) University of Cambridge, UK; and

(vi)  School  of  Oriental  and  African  Studies  (SOAS),  University  of London, UK;

  1. Similarly,  in  the  7th   Assembly  the  House  engaged  development partners  in improving  the  Legislative  skills  of  Members  and  Staff.  At different times, KAS organised workshops for Members and   Staff   on Budget   process, committee system, Parliamentary   practice   and procedure.   Pearl   ECP   also trained Members and Staff in leadership workshops.
  2. The accumulation of gains from the training and engagements with the  development  partners  resulted  in  high  output  of  Bills,  Motions, Resolutions and other activities by the House.
  3. One fascinating feat  achieved  by the  7th  Assembly was  its  cordial working relationship with the Executive Arm for the implementation of Government  policies and  programmes. With  deep conviction, the  7th Assembly  appropriated  funds  for  the  implementation  of  the  Youth Agricultural   Entrepreneurs  Programme  (YAGEP);  Skills  Training  and Entrepreneurship     Programme     (STEP);     Graduates’     Employment Enhancement   Programme  (GEEP);   Information  and  Communication Technology-Youth Empowerment Programme (YEP), to mention but a few. Through these schemes, over fifteen thousand (15,000) Deltans and residents have become self employed and employers of labour.
  4. Distinguished  Colleagues,  through  our  collective  efforts  the  7th Assembly   received  and   processed  a  total  of  69   Bills.  The   House subjected these Bills through legislative scrutiny and passed 60 out of the Bills. I am glad to announce that 58 of the Bills passed have been  assented  to  by  our  dear  Governor.  One  is  awaiting  assent, another one is pending at the Committee of the Whole House, while nine were dropped. It will interest you to know that out of the 69 Bills received by the House, 48 where Executive Bills while 21 were Private Members  Bills. This lends credence to our claim of being the most vibrant House of Assembly in the country.
  5. Furthermore, in the period under review, the House received and processed 237 Motions leading to Resolutions of the House.
  6. My dear Colleagues, it will be a disservice to the  House and our collective efforts if I fail to mention some of the significant Bills passed into law by the 7th Assembly that are driving the different sectors of the State. These laws are:
  • Delta State Job and Wealth Creation Bureau Law, 2019;
  • Delta State Public Procurement Law, 2020;
  • Delta State Internal Revenue Service Law, 2020;
  • Delta State Community Security Corps Agency Law, 2020;
  • Delta State Public Occupational Safety Law, 2020;
  • Delta State Local Content Agency Law, 2020;
  • Violence Against Persons Law, 2020;
  • University of Delta, Agbor Law, 2021;
  • Dennis Osadebay University, Anwai-Asaba Law, 2021;
  • Delta State University of Science and Technology, Ozoro Law, 2021;
  • Delta State Audit Law, 2021;
  • Delta  State  House of Assembly Service  (Establishment  etc) Law, 2021;
  • Delta State House of Assembly Fund Management (Financial Autonomy) Law, 2021;
  • Delta     State     Judiciary     Fund     Management     (Financial Autonomy) Law, 2021;
  • Delta State Urban and Regional Planning Law, 2021;
  • Delta   State   Livestock   Breeding,   Rearing   and   Marketing Regulation Law, 2021;
  • Delta    State     Regulation    of    Community     Development Association Law, 2021
  • Delta  State  Maternal  and  Perinatal  Death  Surveillance and Response (MPDSR) Law, 2022;
  • Delta State Public Finance Management Law; 2022;
  • Delta State Forfeiture of Property Law, 2022;
  • Delta State Arbitration Law, 2022;
  • Delta State Electric Power Sector Law, 2022;
  • Administration of Criminal Justice Law, 2022;
  • Delta State Administration of Civil Justice Law, 2022;
  • Delta State Sickle Cell Disorder Control Law, 2023;
  • College of Health Sciences and Technology Law, 2023;
  • Delta State Polytechnic, Burutu Law, 2023;
  • Delta State Creative Industries Development Law, 2023; and
  • Delta State Thanksgiving Day Law, 2023.
  1. Honourable Colleagues, our legislative intervention in the education sector in passing into law three new universities in the State in 2021 is a   watershed.   We   have   by   that   singular   action   made   university admission more available for qualified Deltans and other Nigerians.
  2. In summary, the effect of the Laws passed by the 7th  Assembly has resulted in growing the economy, provision of infrastructures across the state, skills acquisition programmes for women and youths leading to peace in the state.
  3. Respected Colleagues, there is no gainsaying the fact that the 7th Assembly is unique in several ways. We enjoyed harmonious working relationship  with  the  Staff  of the  House. There was  no  incidence of

strike  throughout  the  tenure  of the  7th   Assembly.  We  were  able  to achieve this by continuous engagement with the Union and the Staff.

  1. We also recognized the importance of a knowledgeable workforce in effective and efficient service delivery. Our track record of training and retraining of the Assembly Staff is there for everyone to see. The Staff of the House are among the best trained Staff in State Houses of Assembly in Nigeria.
  2. In addition, the 7th  Assembly prioritised the welfare of Staff of the House. In the period under review, the nagging issue of outfit allowance was laid to rest and every Staff now receives their outfit allowance on his or her anniversary of employment. We have also consistently approved Staff week, end of year party and Christmas bonus for Staff of the House. Above all, the 7th Assembly by the passage of the Delta State House of Assembly Service (Establishment etc.) Law, 2021 provides for the appointment of three Deputy Clerks for the House. This is a remarkable achievement as it has always been one Deputy Clerk of the House since the inception of the Assembly in 1992. History has been made by the appointment of additional two Deputy Clerks of the House.
  3. Now, I would like to recognize in a special way the formidable team that made the 7th  Assembly the most vibrant House of Assembly in the country:
  • My  Deputy  Speaker is  a  definition  of  loyalty, reliability and support. He made my work easy and enjoyable.
  • Majority Leader, I thank you for your zeal towards the work. You learnt very fast on the job. You are always cool and collected in plenary.
  • Minority Leader is calm and very understanding.
  • Chief  Whip,  the  mother  of  the  House  that  spares  no  one  for improper dressing. You successfully combined your unique style of dressing with your legislative prowess.
  • Deputy  Majority  Leader,  your  experience  was  always  handy  in debates. You have a special way of addressing issues with African proverbs. Perhaps, that is the reason your Colleagues address you as “Elder” .
  • Deputy Chief Whip is my brother and friend.  He is a complete gentleman and a team player. Very reliable and trustworthy.
  • Majority Whip, thank you for your services to the House.
  • Deputy Majority Whip has his own way of doing things. He is a silent achiever and a go-getter.
  • Aniocha North is passionate about the legislative business. He is energetic in his debate on the floor of the House.
  • Aniocha  South  contributions  on  the  floor  of  the  House  were always helpful.
  • Burutu 1 was supportive and a team player.
  • Burutu II, the man with the pleasant voice who always cracks up Members when introducing himself on the floor of the House.
  • Ika North East, in your right element, you are one of the best in plenary. We will miss your baritone voice.
  • Isoko  North is a delight to be with. Members were often more interested in your American accent in your debates on the floor of the House.
  • Isoko South  1 has a simple disposition.  He was always open to learning.
  • Ndokwa West is reserved  but knowledgeable.  He is a  balanced and committed ally.
  • Oshimili South is committed and a team player.
  • Patani  is  like  a  younger  brother  to  me and was supportive.
  • Sapele is my respected Chief and an elder brother. He showed me love and supported me all the way. God bless you sir.
  • Udu was eager and active in plenary.
  • Ughelli North 1 was active in plenary and has a team spirit.
  • Ughelli  South  was  fiery  in  his  debate  but  brought  colour  and exuberance to the floor of the House.
  • Warri South 1 was active in plenary and very supportive.
  • Warri South II was regular and active in plenary.
  • Warri South West combined humility and passion in his legislative business. He has a team spirit.
  1. Distinguished  Colleagues, we started this journey full of energy, vision and promises to our constituents. Today, we can proclaim with a sense of modesty and absolute praise to God that we have done our best and set a record which we will always be proud of. I will be leaving the Legislature with cherished memories of the bond which we created.
  2. My time in the House from 2015 – 2023 will remain memorable and evergreen in the history of the State Assembly. You will recall that on the 11th  of May, 2017 fortune smiled on me and I became the Speaker of  the  6th   Assembly.  Again,  on  the  10th    of  June,  2019  with  your overwhelming support I was elected the Speaker of the 7th Assembly. It is the first time in the history of the State that a Member is serving as Speaker  from   one  Assembly  to  another   Assembly, and presiding over two validatory sessions. And  with   your cooperation,  I  remain the  longest serving Speaker  in  Delta State.  No impeachment. No resignation. No removal. All by the grace of God.


  1. As I said earlier, the 7th Assembly is a history making Assembly. To the glory of God, one of your own is now the Governor-Elect of Delta State.
  2. At this juncture, I would like to thank our Governor, His Excellency, Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, CON, who has provided enviable leadership in the State. I thank him most especially for his respect for the rule of law and for appreciating that to operate a functional democracy, the legislature   needed  to   enjoy   independence.   Delta   State   House   of Assembly is among the first Houses of Assembly in the country to enjoy financial autonomy. We worked in harmony (without compromising our independence)  with  the  Executive  to  deliver  good  governance  to Deltans.  It  is therefore,  my advice to the 8th  Assembly to work with other  arms  of  government  in  delivering  quality  development  in  the State, while also protecting the independence of the legislature.
  3. Let me also express my appreciation to the Staff of the House, ably led by the Clerk of the House. Your commitment and dedication made our work easy. You  showed true  love  and  rallied  round  me when  it mattered most. I have no regret working with all of you. I implore you to show the same solidarity to the leadership of the 8th Assembly.
  4. I also thank my support Staff who were with me through thick and thin in this journey. I could not have wished for a better team. I cherish your labour of love for me.
  5. May I also place on record my heartfelt gratitude to my constituents (Okpe  State  Constituency)  who  gave  me  the  mandate  to  represent them in this House. Without your mandate, all my achievements in the House would not have been possible.
  6. Finally,  let  me  thank  my  family  for  their  prayers, support  and understanding. Most times, I found myself away from home attending to official assignments. Yet, you have shown me love and care. I do not take your understanding and patience for granted.
  7. Gentlemen of the press, I thank you for your unbiased reporting of activities  of  the  House  in  the  7th   Assembly.  Thank  you  for  being partners in progress with the House.
  8. In the same vein, I thank all Deltans and residents for giving us the opportunity to serve them and also for their true love for me to serve them in a higher capacity.
  9. In  conclusion,  I wish to  say that as  humans, we  are  not  perfect beings. So if in the course of my duty as a presiding officer in the last six years  I have wronged any of us, please find a  place in your heart to forgive. On my part, I have also forgiven anyone that has wronged me. Nobody is good enough to be my enemy, neither do I have the ability to hate anyone. To err is human and to forgive is divine.
  1. In all, as a leader, I have learnt to listen more, and I pledge to do MORE for Deltans as Governor.
  2. Thank you for your kind attention.
  3. God bless you.


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