When Ika Grams Class ’74 set reunited amid showers of God’s blessing

When Ika Grams Class ’74 set reunited amid showers of God’s blessing

At the lecture.

The get-together of members of Class 1974 set of Ika Grammar School, Agbor, Old Boys Association (IGSOBA) on Saturday was one characterized by intense delight of pleasurable reunion of former class mates 49 years after passing out from their alma mater.


The event which brought nostalgic feelings saw the class mates all of who are now sexagenarians in warm embrace, popping handshakes and tapping one another at the back; they recalled stories of their days at school and expressed gratitude to God Almighty for grace to be alive to be part of the reunion event.

Highlight of the pleasant get-together was when members defied the rain to step into the dance floor, to reenact the dance steps which they displayed as youngsters at school. Old tunes that were their delight in those days, including James Brown, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti tunes among others brought sentimental recollection of the social gathering dance days at school. There was more than enough to eat and drink.

Earlier at the lectures delivered inside the Ika Grammar School’s dining hall, now radiant with beautiful and alluring paint colours, a member of Class ‘74 set, Dr. Otamere Aigbogun who spoke on “The Challenges of Aging” said that “At the biological level, ageing results from the impact of the accumulation of a wide variety of molecular and cellular damage over time.” This, he pointed out, leads to a gradual decrease in physical and mental capacity, a growing risk of disease and ultimately death. “The diversity seen in older age is not random. Beyond biological changes, ageing is often associated with other life transitions such as Relocation to more appropriate housing; Retirement; the death of friends and partners,” Dr. Aigbogun said, adding that “We must learn how to prepare ourselves for older ages. From our younger ages, we must plan to be financially independent generally (if possible), towards when we become old.”

Another Class ’74 set member, Chief Bernard Oriahi, a barrister-at-law, banker and businessman delivered the lecture titled “The Making of A Will”, saying that a will is very important as it is a way of organizing oneself.

Oriahi defined a will as “a testamentary and revocable document which is voluntarily made by a person, which is executed, witnessed and made according to the law with respect to a person’s property.”

He announced that a will is a statement of the dead, which is irrevocable. “While still alive it is important to change one’s will at regular intervals to update to suit current changes,” he said.

According to Chief Oriahi, at least two persons must be around to physically witness the signing of a will.

Meanwhile, Hon. Samuel Osasa, also a member of Class ’74 and a member of IGSOBA Board of Trustees in his key note address said: “Today’s reunion is divided into two sessions. The first is what we are doing now at the school premises. This is to enable us to retrospect and remember our days as students in this compound, compare the present look of our dear school and what it was 49 years ago. We appreciate the efforts of the Board of trustees and indeed the global president and his executive for turning our school to a world class institution.”

He commended the planning committee for the choice of topics because of their being appropriate, and implored the aging class mates to listen with rapt attention “as a lot would be gained considering the age bracket we find ourselves.”

At the well lawn serene residence of Dr. Emma Obi Melekwe in Owa Ekei for the reception and entertainment, the reunion contingent had ram suya meat among others to eat and drink before hitting the dance floor in total defiance of the rain drops, saying instead that they were showers of blessing from God.

  • By Chukwudi Abiandu, member 1974 set, Ika Grams Old Boys Association.

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