EDITORIAL – Deltans waiting for Governor Oborevwori

EDITORIAL – Deltans waiting for Governor Oborevwori

It has become necessary to examine the pace of the working of the Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori administration since he mounted the saddle as Governor of Delta State about six months ago. This consideration is crucial against the background of the high hopes that the Governor set to enhance the living standard of the people and residents of Delta State as encapsulated in his M.O.R.E. Agenda. According to him, M.O.R.E Agenda stands for meaningful development, opportunities for all; realistic reforms and enhanced peace and security.

With the above, Rt. Hon. Oborevwori promised to, among others, initiate policies that will ginger economic development, spur financial reforms that will accelerate industrialization and MSMES, induce agricultural sector reforms, investment sector reforms and public service delivery. Besides, he also promised to engage Delta Youths in productive and gainful employment.

We acknowledge that Governor Oborevwori, indeed, took initial steps that pointed to hitting the ground running especially in his first 100 days, by making visits to areas in Warri in fulfillment of his promise to make the oil city and environs his priority, culminating in the recent award of a N78 billion contract to Julius Berger to construct three bridges. Since then, Deltans have been waiting with bathed breath to see what other thing the Governor would do to drive his M.O.R.E Agenda.

For us in banneronlinenews.com, it is disappointing to observe that the impression created in the minds of expectant Deltans so far is a situation of seeming aloofness by the Governor in not carrying the electorate along real implementation of his campaign promises. Our Editors and other journalists have been inundated with calls from Deltans who truly believe in the M.O.R.E. Agenda of the Governor and seek information about when he will operate his agenda for the benefit of the electorate.

Need we say that it has been difficult and quite impossible to get anyone, including the Governor to provide answers to the nagging question. First, the absence of a Commissioner for information, who normally should be the link between the public and the State Government, makes it difficult as there’s no such official to get across to for information. Second, even the Governor has not thought it necessary to have an all important parley with the media – the bridge between government and the people – for a parley that will provide newsmen the opportunity to ask the Governor questions and provide answers that point to the direction of his administration. So far, it is difficult to understand the direction to which the Oborevwori administration is headed in Delta State. No one has so far come out to inform and educate the people about the M.O.R.E. Agenda in a way that Deltas will see its direct usefulness in a practical down-to-earth way. So that people can begin to form ideas about aspects of the Agenda that will benefit them and how to key in and benefit. On this score, we believe that the Oborevwori administration is sleeping and should wake up from its self imposed state of inactivity.

Already, the administration is being derided as one adept at announcing to Nigerians the birthday anniversaries of prominent citizens and commiserations to bereaved families. While we do not begrudge the Government the importance it attaches to such, we think that the government should not allow such mundane issues to preoccupy it in a way that they become too monotonous and thus dull the intelligence of Deltans. The people are currently feeling the effect of the harsh economic weather currently assailing them and are looking forward to succour, which many believe the M.O.R.E. Agenda has the potential to help bring about. Many unemployed youths are seeking opportunities for gainful employment that the M.O.R.E Agenda promised to actualise for them. They want to see financial reform policies that will stimulate industrialization and MSMES, etc, as promised.

We therefore, call on Governor Oborevwori to ease Deltans of the prevailing state of monotony and dryness by igniting the spark to ginger the people of the state into worthwhile activity. Let the Ministries, Agencies and Departments spring to life and come up with activities that define the operation of the M.O.R.E. Agenda.


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