Friday, September 22, 2023

Mission and Vision Statement


We at like in all the stables of Banner Communication Network, are quite appreciative of the nuances of our present times. The rapidly unfolding changes in our political, economic, social and cultural environment have made the birth of a people oriented provincial community news medium obligatory. This is particularly crucial, especially against the background that journalism is about news, and news is about information, and information is communication.

David Wainwright once observed that “Journalism is the day-to-day operation of gathering and transmitting news..; it is the events of the day, distilled into few words, processed and disseminated to satisfy human curiosity of a world that is always eager to know what is new”. This is what the Banner stable of newspapers, online and print media networks seek to accomplish. will make the well being of the people our main focus. We shall bring to the people news that they must be aware of so as to make them live their lives meaningfully. This will involve bringing to their awareness very well sourced stories, features, opinion and information about developments around the people in their communities, in the country, about the people, organizations, governments at all levels, and in a way that will bring hope from which the people will draw positive inspiration for good ideas and creative living.

We shall vigorously project the Christian faith through providing our readers with informed reports on the faith, Christian personalities, analysis and commentaries about inspiring Christian activities and sermons from Nigeria and across the globe. will seek to link the government and the people so as to attain the mutual desire of meaningful living. In doing this, we shall uphold the responsibility and accountability of the government at all levels, including organizations, establishments, their officials, groups, and individuals, to the people, in accordance with the obligation as stipulated under the Fundamental Objectives and Directive Principles of State Policy of the Nigerian Constitution. shall report and analyze issues, situations, and events as they are, with a pledge to raise the quality of journalism practice in all its ramifications. We shall vigorously call attention to issues, and matters that will give meaning to the lives of the people and the enhancement of their living standard.

This medium will be guided by the principles of best practices, as it is not affiliated to any political creed, party, ideology and ethnic persuasion. It is not an appendage or offshoot of any of them. It is basically a business outfit in the journalism genre.

Similarly, it will not be used for unethical exploitation. It will not be a cheer medium; neither will it indulge in groveling sycophancy. Honesty, excellence, integrity and good conscience are our watchwords. We shall practice ethical journalism.

Notwithstanding that Delta State, and her immediate neighbours of Niger Delta and the South East remain our primary areas of coverage, the entire nation and the world at large will be our constituency. We shall strive at all times to present issues from perspectives that are timely and allow readers to make their independent judgments. shall be a market place of ideas and information.

Our Vision seeks to set the pace, entrench standard and act as a guide to society as it navigates the ship of state through difficult circumstances and situations to a safe berth of pleasant times for the people.

It shall expose the ills, greed and selfish dispositions in the society as a way of reorienting people from such flawed behaviours that threaten development and growth. We shall celebrate the Almighty God, life, good conduct, and splendid display of patriotism, humanness, and godliness.

We shall focus on achieving peace, fostering justice and understanding among the diverse peoples of our communities. shall be aggressively independent and devoted to the strengthening of Nigeria’s republicanism in the best tradition of liberal democracy and responsible journalism.

Since it is mortal beings that are running, we do not claim to be perfect. Being humans, it is not possible to be infallible. However, we shall strive to do things right by investigating issues, matters, occurrences, events, ideas and serve the reader and posterity with the facts, as accurately as possible.

Our Mission

Our mission is to achieve a better society by promoting enterprise. Accordingly, we shall hunt for any human endeavour that will achieve public good. This will be a quality general interest newspaper reporting events with progressive sequel for our communities and national life.

We shall strive to be incisive, authoritative and to present quality editorial comments, interviews, compelling analyses, public reactions and opinion polls and “talking photographs”. shall be the public standard for meaningful living.

Why another Newspaper?

Our answer to the above question which we believe you may be asking is that the dynamics of our immediate political, economic and social environment have made the birth of a provincial/community conscious newspaper very imperative. In a nation where governments seem to take the people for granted and ignore their aspirations, it is only natural that a medium emerges to draw governments’ attention to the expectations and hopes of the people.

Thus, has emerged to fill the vacuum created by the absence of an authentic and people oriented medium that truly seeks to encode information and analyses that will interest the people and make them contribute meaningfully to issues, events, policies, and programmes of government and society that will make them to live their lives well.

Since governments and their establishments, agencies and institutions exist to serve the people, will serve as the bridge linking the people and their representatives in government, on the one hand, and the people and government on the other hand. We shall report institutions, establishments, organizations, their officials, times and places to the people, and report the people back to them as feed backs.

The aim is to drive home the point that the essence of government, governance and public institutions is the well being and security of life and property of the people. will give priority to provincial matters, political zones and the local communities without neglecting happenings at the national level and on the international scene.

We shall be in the vanguard of setting agenda to attract the attention of the appropriate authorities and ensure that the common wealth of the people is judiciously managed to the benefit of all stake holders. Now, more than ever, communities need a communication medium that will serve as an enlightenment institution through which members of the Fourth Estate of the realm burrow deep to get compelling stories, report them succinctly, concisely and clearly.

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